Buying a Woodfired Oven Pizza from a Spinning & Making Master Massimo: Italian Street Food in London

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✓ I raise my hat and take a bow because I’ve just met a Pizza Master, a master who serves up delicious pizzas at a street food stall going by the name of “Pizza Massimo”……I am truly in awe of the skills demonstrated by Master Pizzaiolo Massimo who’s perfected his skills over the course of 20 years first starting in his home in Sardinia, Italy.

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We were visiting Parliament Market Farmers Market in Hampstead, London and came across this wonderful pizzeria with a wood fire oven, I found it very difficult to not walk by, because the freshly baked smell emanating from the oven started making me hungry.

On the day of my visit I had the “Veggi” a Vegetarian option which was made with the following toppings:
* Homemade tomato sauce.
* Baby Spinach.
* Wood Oven Roasted Vegetables: Courgette and Capsicum.
* Buffalo Mozzarella.
* Red onions.
* Mushrooms.
* Fresh Basil Leaves
* A drizzle of Garlic Oil.

Once a customer places an order; Massimo quickly and skilfully hand spins and stretches the dough and then it gets cooked in the wood oven (which Massimo has specially imported from Italy).

What raises the pizza to a higher taste level is the BBQ style smokiness flavour imparted by the wood fired oven.

The actual pizza cooks very quickly, because the wood oven reaches a “sizzling” temperature of around 400 degrees centigrade, creating that deliciously smokey flavoured pizza.

Listen out at 5:36 for when Massimo asks a young customer “where you pizza” the kid replies back cutely “in my belly”.

Massimo has a charcoal dough special which we didn’t get to eat this time around, so we can’t wait to pay a return visit wink wink!!! 😉

Many thanks to the chef / patron Pizzaiolo Massimo Nocerino & all of the team who welcomed me and graciously allowed me a privileged glimpse into their kitchen to watch the “pizza making” action.

If you want to catch up with him to see him in action and taste his yummy pizzas- He is a “street food troubadour” so if you want to know where he will be next, you could could message him via Facebook: @pizzamassimouk or his Mobile / WhatsApp: 07825 252194

Here’s a link to his YouTube Channel:

Massimo was recently in the auditions for the Britains got Talent, definitely wish him the best of luck with that.

(This video recorded on Saturday 8th December 2018).

Street Food Catering London

Street Food Catering London, Buying a Woodfired Oven Pizza from a Spinning & Making Master Massimo: Italian Street Food in London.

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Buying a Woodfired Oven Pizza from a Spinning & Making Master Massimo: Italian Street Food in London, Enjoy interesting high definition online streaming videos related to Street Food Catering London.

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