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🧳 DAD:

I haven’t had traditional Uzbek food since my trip to Uzbekistan back in August of 2019, so it was about time I had some again! Come along with me and my dad as we have some traditional Uzbekistan street food in our hometown of Miami, Florida!

Chayhana Oasis is the first authentic Uzbek restaurant in south Florida. The interior of the restaurant is gorgeous. The décor transported me back to Uzbekistan.

In the kitchen, I watched them prepare chicken kebabs, Cornish hens, lamb somsas, Uzbek bread, dolmas, lamb manti, lagman noodles for lagman soup and fried lagman, and a fresh salad with sour cream and. All of the food smelled incredible!

At our table, we started on our Uzbek feast. We had noodles, dumplings, cheburek (deep fried dough stuffed with meat), lagman soup, bread, lamb rib and chicken kebabs, manti, somsas, dolmas, Tashkent salad, and plov with lamb and quail eggs.

We started with some smooth and tasty Uzbek vodka and dug into the lagman. The beef was incredible, and the broth was super flavorful. The veg gave it a crunchy texture, and the noodles were perfectly cooked!

Then, we had some homemade fruit punch, followed by lamb manti with sour cream. It was so full of flavor because of the onions and lamb together! I added some spicy tomato sauce, which took me back to Uzbekistan!

Next, was the cheburek, which had a lamb patty inside. The dough was thin and crispy. It was outstanding with the spicy sauce. Then, we moved on to the lamb rib kebab, which was crunchy and smoky and full of fat and flavor. It had a really unique flavor! The chicken kebabs were to die for! It was soft and super tender!

The Uzbekistan salad contained tomatoes and red onions. It was a basic summer salad but super tasty and refreshing. Then, we had the baked somsas, which were full of onions and lamb. I loved the sesame seeds on top. With the spicy tomato sauce, it was even better!

Next were the dolmas. They were so healthy, filling, and earthy. It’s one of my favorite dishes! I tried it with a Greek sauce, which was similar to tzatziki. Next was the fried lagman with egg, onions, red pepper, and beef. It was like stir-fried noodles and wasn’t spicy at all but nice and oily. It’s nice and filling! With the spicy tomato sauce, it was incredible!

The Tashkent salad was next. It was like a creamy salad that had a tuna-like taste. I couldn’t figure out what it was, but it was super fresh and tasty! Next was the bread, which was nice and fluffy and great for dipping into the sauces and soup!

Next was the king of Uzbek dishes, plov, which is a rice dish with dried fruit, lamb, garlic, chickpeas, and quail eggs. The flavor was so deep. The dried fruits add a sweetness, and the lamb was nice and oily. It was so good and so filling!

Dessert was a honey cake, which was full of layers like a tiramisu. It was amazing, with a layer of honey, a layer of chocolate, and a layer of cream. There was some cherry syrup, too! I was blown away by it!

My favorites were the somsas, while my dad loved the kebabs!

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Uzbekistan Street Food in Miami - Somsa, Lagman & Plov | Sunny Isles

Greek Street Food in Miami, Uzbekistan Street Food in Miami – Somsa, Lagman & Plov | Sunny Isles.

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