Kelowna Indian Restaurant Review

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In this Kelowna Indian Restaurant review I talk about Krasna Indian Cuisine in West Kelowna, 778 754 0236.

This restaurant serves great quality Indian Food and they are really friendly people. We have lived in the Okanagan for many years and often used to drive all the way to Oliver to get good Indian food but now, as you will hear in this Kelowna Indian Restaurant review, we can stay close to home.

They offer a great Indian Cuisine take out menu and a variety of dishes. You can choose the heat and for a change, it appears that their heat scale lines up with my taste buds. Often in Indian Restaurants in Canada you can ask for spicy food and it still comes mild.

Their food is flagrant and flavourful and so my recommendation in this Kelowna Indian Restaurant review is that you give them a try.

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Kelowna Indian Restaurant Review

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She took a traditional deep fried dough ball dish, zeppoles, and made this her main vending fare. They supply boiled hotdogs and the aroma in the immediate area makes you hungry.

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Dosa: The dosa is something that one can find in nearly every part of the world nowadays however it is actually a very healthy south Indian dish. Due to the fact that of the easy availability of rice everywhere, one can find dosa-makers at every area. Dosa is something that is easy to prepare in roadside stalls. It is healthy, filling and fast to consume, making it an ever-popular street food.

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The main meals in the country are “umagahan” which is the word for “breakfast.” The 2nd meal of the day is “tanghalian” which is the word for “lunch.” Lunch often consists of prepared rice, fried veggies, fish or other kinds of meat. Dinner is served later in the day and in Tagalog the word for “dinner” is “hapunan.” At dinner-time steamed rice, veggies, and fried fish or meat are usually prepared.

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Here is a guide for people facing this kind of scenario. It is formed like a crepe, made from rice flour, and is served with either coconut or tomato chutney. The Bademiya is the finest location for getting chicken tikka.

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