Italian Cuisine: Italy Food Guide to Lombardy

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There is no such thing as bad Italian Cuisine. Period. While visiting the Lombardy Region of Italy we had the opportunity to sample kinds of Italian foods and yet we didn’t so much as have a bad meal. The food is just that good over there and Italians take pride in using fresh ingredients to make all of their food and drinks. Come join us as we eat our way around Italy!

Italian Cuisine in Lombardy Playlist:

Italian Breakfast in Milan, Italy
Italian Cooking Class at Castello di Malpaga
Risotto alla Milanese in MIlan, Italy
Aperitivo: Drinks, food and experiencing nightlife in Milan, Italy
Dì de la Bresaola: Italian Meat Festival in Chiavenna, Italy
Gelato: Eating Italian Ice Cream
Pizza al taglio: Pizza by the slice in Milan, Italy
Polenta e osei: Bergamo’s unique Italian cake

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Italian Cuisine: Italy Food Guide to Lombardy Travel Food Video Transcript:

Well good morning from Milano, Italia. We are here in Italy. It is our first day, so we have gone in search of the Italian breakfast. Now we weren’t entirely sure what an Italian breakfast looks like so we did a bit of research and asked around and apparently it is just a coffee and anything sweet. So that could be pastries, bread with jam, cake or cookies. So we’ve sat down at a little cafe and we’re going to have our first Italian breakfast.

Okay guys, so I’m pretty excited about today. We have left Bergamo behind and we’re visiting a castle outside in the countryside. It’s called Castello di Malpaga and we are going to be taking a cooking class inside a castle. So I’m going to get ready to start cooking and Sam is going to give you a tour of the castle so you can see what it looks like.

First impressions from Milan so far? Ah, it’s been great. Especially the food. And every time you go to a restaurant I’m looking at the menu and I’m like I want this, I want this, I want this, I want this.

So I have a hard time deciding and I’m not even sure if we’re going to get to cover everything before we leave. Well, tonight it is risotto.

So we’ve gone out for our first Italian Aperitivo. Which is kind of like a pre-dinner drinking tradition. Basically, you get yourself a cocktail for about 10 Euros and that gives you access to this massive buffet of like pizzas, pastas, olives. Anything you could possibly imagine. And this is what comes before dinner.

Good morning from Chiavenna. It is a bit of a rainy morning but we are still very excited to be here and out exploring because there is a festival taking place here. Today is the day of the Bresaola and that means that we are celebrating a deli meat. And there is lots of different stands that have been setup across the town. So you can just wander around and sample some deli meats. So we’re going to be trying lots of food today. It’s very exciting. And just to give you a bit of background information, Bresaola is kind of similar to prosciutto but it is made from beef and it has very little fat. So that is coming up in this video.

One of the pleasures of coming to Italy is indulging in the local ice cream known as gelato. Here we’ve each got two cones. I’ve got the waffle cone over here and Audrey’s going to be trying the regular cone. We’ve got different flavors and we can’t wait to try a taste test now.

So it is lunchtime here in Milan and we figured why not have pizza when in Italy. I’ve only had pizza once the whole time I’ve been here and it was time to try a few others. So we’ve been walking around the city and we walked by this one shop and we saw they had like these extra thick slices of pizza. It almost looked like a focaccia bread with toppings. So we went in there and grabbed two slices.

Good afternoon from the city of Bergamo. Today we took a day trip from Milan, we rode the train for less than an hour and we arrived at a completely new destination. So we’ve been exploring the town of Bergamo and we also learned that there is a dessert that is very popular in this city. And that is what I have right here.

This is part of our Travel in Italy video series showcasing Italian food, Italian culture and Italian cuisine.

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Italian Cuisine: Italy Food Guide to Lombardy

Best Italian Food in Nice France, Italian Cuisine: Italy Food Guide to Lombardy.

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Italian Cuisine: Italy Food Guide to Lombardy, Get top high definition online streaming videos about Best Italian Food in Nice France.

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Now for the final point, if you prepare to stay a bit longer, or even just for enjoyable, attempt this, it’s alluring for French people. Discuss cooking, dishes, good wine and the sort. Cuisine in France is not simply a misconception, and if you actually delight in food and gastronomy, you’ll take pleasure in France, and you’ll be on for a treat!

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