British Food – London's street food market, English Breakfast and Manchester United stadium tour.

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is not 100% Halal as I also went to seafood restaurants with no halal certifications but the way I eat it has no haram contains. No Pork, No Lard, No wines/alcohol, No non halal slaughtered.

London & Manchester is the most expensive city in the world – A city that I’ve curious about visiting and trying to know more about
British culture and food history. My first time to London but this time I came alone. To experience Alone means I can concentrate
my focus on my 1st priorirty wihch is British food!

In this video, I’m taking you on a five day tour on British food.
Here are all the restaurants and places included in this British food tour of London

Poppies Fish & Chips – This restaurant serves an Original cuisine of British Fish. It has some authentic home made tartar sauce and some other sauces like
curry sauce and avocado. It’s really soft and tasty. Sweet and less spicy. Lasly I had desserts with 3 different flavours. It’s Halal
Total price – 45 Pounds

Borough Market – This place has a wide variety of local street british food. From beverages to cheese to breads to seafood to beef and poultry products.
I had a Spanish Paella which is European type of sweet fried rice consisting of seafood like mussels and prawns.
Total price 4 Pounds
Then had fresh oysters at an oyster bar. 6 pieces.
Total price 10 Pounds
Lastly the Raclette with potato gherkins was the best thing ever in the market. It melts in your mouth and super delicious.
Total price – 7 Pounds

Bagel Bites @Shepherd’s Bush – This is one of the few Halal stall that I can find. It’s located at central London and serves a 100% Halal local British food.
So I had a Full English Breakfast cooked by a Malaysian Muslim lady. Basically very oily but very delicious. The button mushrooms was the best one.
Total Price – 5.50 Pounds

Last but not least,

Manchester United Football stadium tour!

Thank you for watching this British food tour in the United Kingdom!

MUSIC: Always dreaming, Same town forever. Glory Glory Man United.

CAMERA GEAR I used to make this video:
Main camera: GoPro5
Second camera: Iphone XS MAX
Main lens: GoPro5
Microphone: GoPro extended microphone Rode Brand

Street Food Market in Manchester

Street Food Market in Manchester, British Food – London's street food market, English Breakfast and Manchester United stadium tour..

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British Food – London's street food market, English Breakfast and Manchester United stadium tour., Find interesting full videos related to Street Food Market in Manchester.

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Have you ever been asked in the United States if you like American food? Most likely not, due to the fact that no one truly cares what food you like. Have you ever been asked in England if you like English street food london tonight? Most likely not due to the fact that no one has an interest in your culinary taste.

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They taste good, and I feel like I am doing something good for myself, and my family, which is good. Takeaway dining establishments are discovered on every street or station method on the outskirts of London.

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