BE DIFFERENT! Street photography in Manchester with Gary Gough

Best full length videos relevant with five london restaurants, london accommodation, and Top Ten Street Food in Manchester, BE DIFFERENT! Street photography in Manchester with Gary Gough.

BE DIFFERENT! Street photography in Manchester with Gary Gough

Ok so i’ve been a keen street photographer for a while now! I do love to hit the streets and capture the character and charm of a city! However.. id noticed recently that a few of my images were similar to other images id taken in other vlogs.. Now i’ve nothing against having a style of image one likes to take, my worry is that my videos might be slightly predictable and repetitive if i don’t offer a variety of different images in them! So in this video i met up with good friends Gary Gough and Dave pearce in Manchester with the aim of capturing a different style of street photography, of course with my trust Fujifilm X100F

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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Top Ten Street Food in Manchester

Top Ten Street Food in Manchester, BE DIFFERENT! Street photography in Manchester with Gary Gough.

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BE DIFFERENT! Street photography in Manchester with Gary Gough, Explore interesting full videos related to Top Ten Street Food in Manchester.

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Locals get to commemorate the varied and dynamic cultures of London, represented in the carnival. They taste good, and I feel like I am doing something great for myself, and my household, which is great.

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