Asian Street Food: Stir Fried Veggie Dish with Whole Grain Rice at Wok to Walk, Baker Street, London

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X✓ This is a real treat for us……..because we recently got to visit the newly opened Baker Street branch of these “Wok Stir Fry Masters”

If you are somewhat struggling to get your recommended “5 a day” allowance then a visit to this asian street food inspired shop should help you easily achieve your intake target………..if not exceed it !!!

There’s no secret to the recipe & preparation because they make everything in full view of you, while you wait.

They’ll cook a up a delicious custom made wok stir fry for you with the following ingredient options:

It works like this:
Firstly choose you your base from the following:
1. Egg noodles (with fresh vegetables & egg).
2. Whole-wheat noodles (with fresh vegetables & egg)
3. Rice noodles (with fresh vegetables & egg).
4. Udon noodles (with fresh vegetables & egg).
5. White rice (with fresh vegetables & egg).
6. Whole grain rice (with fresh vegetables & egg).
7. The Vegetable dish (with broccoli, mushroom, carrot, chinese cabbage, soy bean-sprouts, onion, chive and cabbage with no egg).

Secondly you can choose additional item from the following:
1. Chicken breast
2. Beef filet
3. Bacon
4. Shrimps
5. Pork
6. Duck
7. Smoked Turkey
8. Squid
9. Tofu
10. Pak Choi
11. Shitake Mushrooms
12. Champignon mushrooms
13. Mixed Peppers
14. Cashews
15. Broccoli
16. Spinach
17. Mango
18. Cherry tomatoes
19. Baby corn
20. Bamboo shoots
21. Pineapple

Thirdly you can choose from the following sauces:
1. Tokyo: Teriyaki, sweet soy sauce
2. Bangkok: Yellow curry and coconut
3. Hong Kong: Sweet and sour sauce
4. Beijing: Oyster Sauce
5. Saigon: Garlic and black pepper
6. Shanghai: Black bean and soybean
7. Bali: Peanut sauce
8. Hot Asia: Hot sauce

& finally a choice of the following toppings:
1. Peanuts
2. Fried garlic
3. Fried onion
4. Mix sesame seeds
5. Coriander

If you’re planning to visit them; they are located at: 129 Baker Street, London W1U 6SD or if you have any questions you can call them on 020 7486 9660

Here’s the links to their various social media pages:

YouTube channel:


Many, many thanks to Cristina, Ricardo team who warmly welcomed us and graciously allowed us a privileged glimpse into their kitchen to do the videoing.

(Video recorded on Tuesday 2nd February 2016)

Street Food Locations Manchester

Street Food Locations Manchester, Asian Street Food: Stir Fried Veggie Dish with Whole Grain Rice at Wok to Walk, Baker Street, London.

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Asian Street Food: Stir Fried Veggie Dish with Whole Grain Rice at Wok to Walk, Baker Street, London, Explore new updated videos relevant with Street Food Locations Manchester.

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Homeowners get to celebrate the dynamic and varied cultures of London, represented in the carnival. They taste good, and I seem like I am doing something helpful for myself, and my household, which is nice.

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