77 Year Old Indian Restaurant Chef making Indo-Chinese: Manchurian, Noodles & Mushroom at RK Dining.

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✓ Big honour and respect to senior citizen Chef Kundan Singh Rawat, who at 77 years of age is way past his retirement but can still be found cooking up delicious wok stir fried Indian / Chinese dishes for the good and hungry people of Preston.

To be honest, I have to say that he really does put me to shame because of the days that I get up late or feel like lying in; whilst at the same time this chef is up at the crack of dawn working away in the restaurant kitchen, this guy is the original “Grandpa Chef” (Dada Chef).

On the day of our visit we were lucky enough to watch following three dishes being cooked up in succession: Manchurian, Hakka Noodles & Mushroom Masala.

* Olive Oil (Tel)
* Green Chillies (Lilu Mirchu)
* Ginger (Adhu)
* Garlic (Lasan)
* Onion (Dungri)
* Carrot (Gajar)
* Cabbage (Gobi)
* Capsicum (Simla Mirch)
* Chinese Flowers (Ajinomoto / MSG)
* Black Pepper (Kari Mari)
* Tomato Ketchup
* Noodles Masala (Spice Mix)
* Chilli Sauce
* Salt (Nimak)
The above ingredients were first cooked to create the base gravy which was then used to make the Hakka Noodles and Manchurian.

* Manchurian & Noodles Masala Base Gravy (made as above)
* Noodles Masala
* Pre-boiled Noodles
* Soy Sauce

* Manchurian & Noodles Masala Base Gravy
* Chilli Sauce
* Pre-cooked Manchurian Balls (Balls made with Cabbage, Capsicum, Carrot and Onion)

* Green Chillies
* Ginger
* Garlic
* Capsicum
* Onion
* Tomato & Onion Gravy
* Salt
* Chilli Sauce
* Chinese Salt (Ajinomoto / MSG)
* Punjabi Masala (Spice Mix)
* Chopped Mushrooms (Kumbh)

All of the above dishes were garnished with chopped Spring Onion and chopped White Cabbage Matchsticks.

We especially loved eating the food that was cooked up by this chef because it was made with such love, passion and dedication; we are firm believers that when food is cooked by hand with such devotion; we understand that there is also some form of transference of spiritual energy as well into the food which we think in this case is like receiving a spiritual blessing from our Elder Grandfather (the blessings of a grandfather are a good thing, they are a must).

We love this restaurant because the food is freshly made daily…..delicious restaurant quality food; but at very affordable street food prices – at very affordable street food prices, with no service charge added !!!

We would visit this restaurant every day if we could but the only problem is that it’s just over 200 miles away from where we live (about a 5 hour drive away from us).

A very special thank you to Chef Kundan Singh Rawat, Kamalbhai, Anjuben, Niraj, Jagrutiben and all of the restaurant kitchen team who welcomed us and graciously allowed us a privileged glimpse into their kitchen to do the videoing.

If you have any questions regarding their menu or opening times etc…. you can phone them on 01772 200505

or message them via their various social media:
Instagram: @rkdining
Facebook: @rkdiningpreston
Twitter: @RK_Dining

RK Vegetarian Dining Restaurant / Cafe / Sweetmart is located at 75 to 77 Plungington Rodd, Preston, PR1 7EN, U.K.

This is our second video in RK Dining’s restaurant kitchen; again we record some vegetarian cooking action for all our kitchen action fans. Here’s a link to the previous video that we recorded here: https://youtu.be/SeLXxbazswE

(This video was recorded on Tuesday 28th May 2019).

the Street Food Chef London

the Street Food Chef London, 77 Year Old Indian Restaurant Chef making Indo-Chinese: Manchurian, Noodles & Mushroom at RK Dining..

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77 Year Old Indian Restaurant Chef making Indo-Chinese: Manchurian, Noodles & Mushroom at RK Dining., Watch trending replays about the Street Food Chef London.

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