Welsh Food – 4 Things to Eat Taste Test in Cardiff, Wales

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Join us at Y Mochyn Du pub in Cardiff, Wales as we explore Welsh Food for the first time sampling 4 different things to eat in this taste test. We started off with local Welsh beer and tea while ordering two different starters, a main dish and dessert to share between the two of us. The 4 different food items we tried were as follows:

1) Cawl (traditional Welsh soup)
2) Welsh Rarebit (melted cheese on sliced toast)
3) Faggots, gravy, mashed potatoes and peas
4) Rhubarb Crumble (sweet dessert with fruit)

All of it was delicious and to be honest the starters were the size of mains and we ended up feeling rather stuffed by the end of the meal. The portions at this pub are very generous.

Address of the restaurant in Cardiff, Wales:

Y Mochyn Du
Address: Sophia Cl, Cardiff CF11 9HW, UK
Hours: 12–11PM (daily)
Phone: +44 29 2037 1599

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Welsh Food – 4 Things to Eat in Cardiff, Wales travel and cuisine video transcript:

It is lunchtime here in Cardiff and we found a little pub that is called Y Mochyn Du I think. Welsh is a very complicated language. We’ve been here like almost a week and we haven’t really tried Welsh food yet aside from Welsh cakes so we’re like alright it is time to see what Welsh food is all about.

We’ve been sick and haven’t been doing a whole lot.

We ordered two starters, one main, dessert, Sam got a pint. We’re going to be sampling all things Welsh. Welsh food. All of it is local this is basically a Welsh food taste test.

Alright Sam, so I’m starting off with a pint. A pint. So this is I think uh Cwrw Y Mochyn Du. This is the local red ale beer and I’m so excited to try this.

And we think Cwrw means bore. It has a picture of a black pig. This is really nice beer. It has that kind of like craft beer taste.

Well, well for our appetizer we’re starting off with the National Dish of Wales. We are having Cawl and when Sam ordered this he was like I’ll have a bowl of Cawl.

This is kind of like a soup. What is here? Slash stew. I was reading about it online and it can have different ingredients.

So the classic usually has lamb and leeks but it can also have beef and potatoes, carrots like different seasonal vegetables. So yeah, this one has potato and carrots. I don’t know if this is lamb or beef yet.

Okay, what is your appetizer? So next up we’re having Welsh Rarebit. Not rabbit. Rarebit. Rarebit. I can assure you there is no rabbit in here. No rabbit. Basically it is kind of it looks like a gourmet piece of toast with cheese and bacon. Cheese melted over top.

It can be cheese or a cheese sauce apparently. I’m not sure if it is cheese or a cheese sauce. It could be maybe it is both. And it came with a little side salad and something to dip I think. I’m going to dip it in.

That is so good. The cheese is like it is really it has like kind of a creamy consistency. Mmmm. It is so tasty. You know I read that sometimes it can have Béchamel sauce.

Going in for the Welsh Rarebit not rabbit. Look at the cheese it is just melting off.

The main dish has arrived so this is Welsh Faggots and mushy peas and we have two giant like these are minced meat balls and apparently they have um lamb in them. Over here you can obviously see the mushy peas, you can see the mashed potatoes. Lots of onion gravy.

We were asking the bartender what is the most typical dessert we could order at a Welsh pub? And he was like Rhubarb crumble.

Anyways, on to price point. In total that came to 26 Quid and that included the two drinks, the pint. And the tea. The two appetizers which were more like mains. The main which was like a massive main and then an enormous dessert to share. It was 13 per person and we’re leaving very full, very satisfied and we really enjoyed Welsh food and we would highly recommend you to try all of these dishes if you’re visiting Wales.

This is part of our Travel in Wales video series showcasing Welsh food, Welsh culture and Welsh cuisine.

Street Food Cardiff London

Street Food Cardiff London, Welsh Food – 4 Things to Eat Taste Test in Cardiff, Wales.

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Welsh Food – 4 Things to Eat Taste Test in Cardiff, Wales, Get most searched reviews related to Street Food Cardiff London.

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