Vietnamese Street Food in Miami – Summer Roll, Pho & Caramelized Ribs | Coral Gables

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🧳 DAD:

Even though we’re staying in Miami for my epic international street food series, today our taste buds will be exploring the flavors of the southeast Asian country of Vietnam! Come join me and my dad as we try Vietnamese street food in Miami!

Miss Saigon Bistro in Coral Gables is the most authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Miami and has been in business for 23 years! Inside, I met David, who took me back to the kitchen, where they were making tons of traditional Vietnamese dishes.

Back at our table, we started with a light Saigon beer before diving into the pork ribs. They were juicy, fatty, and sweet. I loved the sweetness and the spring onions!

The crispy spring rolls came with a honey-colored Nước chấm dipping sauce. They were refreshing and super crispy when wrapped in lettuce with mint and hot sauce!

Then, we went for the sweet chili basil chicken wings. It was like sweet and sour fried chicken with a bit of chilies. It reminded me of Korean fried chicken! It was even better with the mint!

Next were the summer rolls, which contain pork, shrimp, rice noodles, mint, and lettuce. I loved the peanut dipping sauce and the freshness of the ingredients!

We followed that with the sizzling crepe, which contains pork, shrimp, onions, curry, and bean sprouts. It’s similar to the fried spring rolls but has a creamy element to it. The pork and shrimp mesh together really well!

Next was the steamed rice flour crepe with ground pork and dried, crunchy mushroom. We had steamed and fried bologna on the side and a thick, fish sauce. I got a bit of everything and drizzled the sauce and vegetables on top. The bologna with the pork and crepe was really good! It was fresh, soft, and good for the heat! I loved the contrasting flavors and textures. It reminded me of a shrimp dumpling!

Next was our main course: shrimp with mixed vegetables, mom’s style! It was beautiful and had cilantro on top and the tomato-based sauce (which contained fish sauce) on the bottom. It was so fresh and crunchy. The shrimp was huge, and the sauce was so flavorful! I also loved the broccoli, carrots, bamboo shoots, green tomatoes, pepper, onions, and mushrooms. It was also super filling even though there were no carbs!

Then, we had two noodle dishes: a pho with oxtail, meatball, tendon, and tenderloin; and well as the Miss Saigon Rice Noodle, which had crispy spring roll, grilled pork, grilled shrimp, noodles, lettuce, and bean sprouts. They both looked unreal!

The Miss Saigon bowl had such a nice sauce in it, and the textures were amazing. The spring rolls had soaked up the sauce. It’s the dish I always get when I go there. You can also have it with dark meat or white meat chicken! The shrimp in it are huge!

Then, we had the pho, which was all beef. We added basil, culantro, hoisin sauce, siracha, jalapenos, and sprouts. The beef broth was beefy and super tasty. We added in the fresh ingredients, mixed it well, and dug in. I loved the density of the beef balls. The vegetables were so fresh. I also loved the tripe in it. It’s the ultimate beef noodle soup!

Next was Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk and a dessert with mung beans, Vietnamese Jell-O, and coconut milk and ice. The coffee was like a French dip coffee with condensed milk on the bottom. It was like a super creamy, sweet, and rich café con leche!

We mixed up the dessert, which reminded me of a cendol from Malaysia. It was delicious and refreshing. It’s not like ice cream and isn’t heavy.

My dad loved the crepe and the summer roll, but I loved everything!

Where have you been?

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Vietnamese Street Food in Miami - Summer Roll, Pho & Caramelized Ribs | Coral Gables

Asian Street Food Miami, Vietnamese Street Food in Miami – Summer Roll, Pho & Caramelized Ribs | Coral Gables.

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Vietnamese Street Food in Miami – Summer Roll, Pho & Caramelized Ribs | Coral Gables, Search interesting updated videos about Asian Street Food Miami.

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