Venezuelan Street Food in Miami – Cachapa, Arepas & Tequenos | Biscayne Boulevard

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For this entry in my epic Miami Street Food series, I decided to show you guys the world of Venezuelan cuisine! Both of my parents were born in Venezuela, so I grew up with all of the amazing dishes you’re going to see in this video. Let’s go have some delicious Venezuelan food in Miami!

Doggi’s Arepa Bar began as a hot dog stand in 2010 but has since evolved, and now has three brick-and-mortar locations. We both couldn’t wait to have some cachapas!

Inside is a mural that reflects Venezuelan culture. There, we met Maria Fernanda, who took my dad and I back to the kitchen, where they made empanadas (a Latin-American meat pie), tequeños (cheese fritters), el guru (fried plantains with fried cheese and sauce), arepas (stuffed cornmeal patties), cachapas (corn pancake with white cheese).

They made us a Santa Barbara arepa with steak, avocado, tomatoes, and cheese. Next was an arepa de pabellón, which contains plantains, beans, steak, and white cheese. They also made us a patacon de pollo machado, which is a fried green plantain sandwich with shredded chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese, avocado, and sauces inside.

At our table, we had a Venezuelan feast of street food breakfast and lunch items. We started with the tequeños. They’re traditional appetizers and snacks that are served hot and fried. There’s tons of gooey cheese inside. I tried them with a creamy sauce and some hot sauce. So good!

Next, was el guru, which had fried plantains on the bottom, a layer of white cheese, more plantains on top, and shredded white cheese and sauce on top. The contrast of flavors and textures was incredible. It was gooey, mushy, and so bomb!

Then, we jumped on the cachapa, which is my favorite! I love the combination of warm, sweet, corn pancake and salty, gooey white cheese. I can eat a whole one for breakfast every day! The contrast of sweet and salty is fantastic!

Next were some fresh juices, including passionfruit and papelon. The passionfruit was so sweet and refreshing and out of control. We also got raspberry, which was even sweeter!

Then, I went for the arepa de pabellón while my dad tried the arepa Santa Barbara. Mine contained shredded beef, plantains, black beans, and cheese. It was out of control! It’s like a full meal! They’re like Venezuelan fast food. I loved the black beans, which created a kind of sauce inside! It was even better with the heat from the sauce!

Our last main dish was the patacon de pollo machado. It was almost like a burger, with fried and flattened green plantains as the bun, with avocado, tomato, cheese, shredded chicken, and 4 sauces inside. You have to eat it with a fork and knife because it’s so messy!

It’s an explosion of flavors and textures between the soft filling and hard plantains. The hot sauce made it even better. The shredded chicken was really amazing, but if you don’t get the plantain in each bite, you’re missing out. I love the combination of salty and sweet! It’s filling comfort food!

Dessert was quesillo, a custard dish that’s similar to flan. It contains lots of little air pockets and has a raspberry and blackberry on top and sits in a sweet sauce. It’s so sweet!

Also inside Doggi’s Arepa Bar, they have an awesome wall of words that are only used in Venezuela. They also have hats!

Our favorite thing on the menu was the cachapa, but everything was amazing. I also loved the spice with the arepa!

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Venezuelan Street Food in Miami - Cachapa, Arepas & Tequenos | Biscayne Boulevard

Miami Famous Street Food, Venezuelan Street Food in Miami – Cachapa, Arepas & Tequenos | Biscayne Boulevard.

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Venezuelan Street Food in Miami – Cachapa, Arepas & Tequenos | Biscayne Boulevard, Watch latest explained videos about Miami Famous Street Food.

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