Veg Curry, Pasta & Pakoras: Free Food Meals (Prasadam) served up by Hare Krishna Devotees in London

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✓ It is a very humbling experience to come across people who don’t take…..but in fact give.

It was last year when the Extinction Rebellion protesters has closed off Waterloo Bridge in London and had set up a Peace Camp.

With such a huge mass of people on the bridge the Hare Krishna took it upon themselves to feed the hungry people.

Set up to feed the people making their voices heard regarding the very real threat of climate change, they were camped out on the pavements and upon the road of the world famous Waterloo Bridge.

It’s worth saying that anyone struggling to reach their recommended “5 a day” allowance would easily achieve that intake target………..if not exceed it by eating a meal from these guys!!!

Street Food Jobs Manchester

Street Food Jobs Manchester, Veg Curry, Pasta & Pakoras: Free Food Meals (Prasadam) served up by Hare Krishna Devotees in London.

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Even if you are doing the exact same old thing, it’s the distinction in the package that brings in individuals.
The station has numerous art pieces and statues put at different points in the station.

Veg Curry, Pasta & Pakoras: Free Food Meals (Prasadam) served up by Hare Krishna Devotees in London, Watch most shared full videos about Street Food Jobs Manchester.

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