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Voici un vlog de la folle journée de la Brigade des Foods à Lille avec Isma et Sala, en attendant l’arrivée d’Ali pour tourner de nouveaux épisodes.

On commence par un retour dans un resto de pâtes et pizzas à volonté que j’avais testé il y a 2 ans .
Le resto : Soho Urban Food, 14 Rue Léon Trulin, 59800 Lille

Puis, destination le Barber dont le proprio a aussi un resto africain :
Ed’A Barber , 99 bis Rue du Molinel, 59000 Lille

Au menu du resto : pastels, samoussas, brochettes d’agneau, beignets, ailerons de poulet, mafé de poulet, poisson braisé, attiéké, alokos, dibi,…

Ed’A Restaurant, 114 Rue Solférino, 59800 Lille

Et comme on est dans le Nord, on teste aussi des frites et des croquettes au Maroilles.

Friterie Meunier,
56 Place Charles de Gaulle, 59000 Lille
6, place de Béthune 59000 Lille
14, place de la gare 59000 Lille

Les Brigadiers arrivent sur Instagram:

Merci à Sala à la caméra. Son Insta : http://www.instagram.com/saladin9.3
Sa chaine Youtube High Tech : https://www.youtube.com/user/SaladiNeuf3

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Famous Food in Lille France, Un BARBER/RESTO AFRICAIN à LILLE? FOLLE JOURNEE de la BRIGADE! – VLOG #976.

Mexico City Is A Remarkable Destination

Chandler’s primary persona quality is his negative sense of humour. What you really mean is: is England really as bad as people state it is? The primary dining area is relaxing and embellished to look like a library.

Un BARBER/RESTO AFRICAIN à LILLE? FOLLE JOURNEE de la BRIGADE! – VLOG #976, Watch trending reviews relevant with Famous Food in Lille France.

San Francisco Food Trucks And Food Carts: The Very Best Of The Best

Delphine is the daughter of a French businessman and Allesandro’s family owns a red wine dynasty. San Francisco is the most popular, yes even the most checked out city in California. I seemed like an alien sometimes and a dumb one too.

The word ‘Coffee shop‘ reminds me the fragrance of coffee in a friendly environment with some pals resting on a table and gossiping. City dwellers of Denver like their place so much, that they are trying to convert it in a much better place to remain, to do job and to drink coffee. That’s why Denver has a lot of high-quality coffee stores; a few of the stores are really exceptional.

In the state of mind for Italian – Procento’s is among the more recent dining establishments – family operated with old time family dishes (and french street food embellished with family photos).

Back in Sardinia we checked out some family members of Gianni and had a BARBEQUE with more meat than meat day at the county fair. They got some beef patties and flattened them then stuck in some bacon then some green stuff and then more beef. madness. almost needed to have heart surgery. I delighted in some excellent food and company in spite of me not comprehending many of the Italian being spoken. I seemed like an alien sometimes and a dumb one too. After a couple of more beers we headed into town where we met more friends of Gianni – a vibrant lot but got hella exhausted and was pleased to head home.

Don’t miss the chance to take pleasure in a trip on New Orleans only steamboat! The S.S. Natchez uses various types of trips – from cruises, private charters, wedding events and even special occasions. Attempt a dinner cruise with tasty Creole disneyland paris street food, or a jazz cruise to take pleasure in regional musicians. Enjoy the fine and timeless tradition of a steamboat ride along the Mississippi river.

But best of all there is no food in the world like New Orleans food. The city is blessed with skilled chefs who produce terrific dishes that you will like. From fantastic traditional Cajun food to contemporary adaptations of timeless Creole and Cajun dishes, a dining experience in New Orleans will be one to keep in mind.

lobster street food new york Liza and David were wed in New York City in 2002 in a ceremony that words just can’t do justice. Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor functioned as the best man and maid of honor while more then 500 celebrities, pals, and relative searched. At the reception, Tony Bennet offered the entertainment along with a 60-piece orchestra. The whole occasion, topped with a 12-tier cake, appears simply a bit over the top. It’s a pity the marriage only lasted 1 year.

When you are in the city, you need to visit Tibidabo. This is the highest hill in the area and uses an amazing view of the city. It is also home to a household enjoyable park and a cathedral. You can take a glass lift to go up 115 meters to the observation platform in the telecommunication tower here. The view from the platform is astonishing.

One thing I did experience while in Burkina Faso was the amazing love and faith of the Christians there. They have hardly sufficient to endure, but what they have they will show you knowing and trusting that God will offer for them. They are a cheerful people.

Naples is over 2,800 years of ages and the area is steeped in beautiful old architecture and historical landmarks. As a kid travels, the creativity of that kid flies sky high and day dreams begin to happen.

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