"Spicy Paneer Dosa" with Peanut Chaat – Indian Street Food at Dosa Deli, Alchemy Festival, London

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✓ You’d be forgiven if you thought that this was a “Masala Dosa” stall (or “Lari”) somewhere on the busy, bustling streets, beaches or restaurants of India – astonishingly these (English) guys were making the Indian pancakes in the heart of “Proper London” – making them freshly to order and serving them piping hot within a matter of minutes………delicious restaurant quality food; but at affordable street food prices – with no service charge added !!!

“Mr & Mrs Dosa” (aka Amy and Kristian) are “Master Dosa Makers” having travelled in India & Asia, whilst along the way gleaning tasty secrets, hints & tips from expert cooks & chefs with the ultimate aim of creating delicious masterpiece recipes.

The dosa batter is a well kept secret recipe,
but “Mr & Mrs Dosa” did let on that the filling contains the following:
Tomato & Roasted Lentil Chutney,
Grated Marinated Paneer,
Sliced Red Onion,
Chat Masala powder,
topped with a Tamarind, Date and Apple Chutney (to give a sweet & sour taste).

The “Chilli Cheese Dosa Wrap” was even more delicious because of the Chaat (Indian style side salad) with crunchy peanuts & Coconut Chutney.

Dosa Deli can be found serving dosa’s at various locations in London & festivals in the U.K. if you are planning to visit them; send them a message to find out when & where they are trading.

Here’s links to Dosa Deli’s social media:
Twitter: @dosadeli
Website: dosadeli.co.uk
Email: hello@dosadeli.co.uk

Video recorded on various days in May & June 2014 at the Alchemy & Real Food Festivals on the Southbank, Waterloo, London.

Indian Street Food in Manchester

Indian Street Food in Manchester, "Spicy Paneer Dosa" with Peanut Chaat – Indian Street Food at Dosa Deli, Alchemy Festival, London.

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"Spicy Paneer Dosa" with Peanut Chaat – Indian Street Food at Dosa Deli, Alchemy Festival, London, Find latest full length videos about Indian Street Food in Manchester.

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