South of France Video Tour: Montpellier, Part 1

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In this video tour, David Hill of New York Habitat ( explores France’s thriving city Montpellier! Montpellier is located in the South of France, near the Mediterranean Sea. Because of this, Montpellier is usually thought of as summer holiday destination. Although Montpellier is definitely worth visiting in summertime, the city is also a great place to visit in the cooler months, because of its lovely mild climate.

Montpellier has been the fastest growing city in France over the past 25 years, and is now the 8th largest city of the country. Furthermore, it’s the 3rd largest French city on the Mediterranean coast, after Marseille and Nice. Montpellier is a fantastic shopping destination, and also a cultural hotspot.

Place de la Comédie
The tour starts at Montpellier’s famous square the Place de la Comédie, which is often considered to be the heart of the city. The square dates back to before 1755, and is surrounded by beautiful building such as the Opéra Comédie, which houses the city’s famous opera company. On the square itself you can find the impressive Three Graces Fountain, which was sculpted in 1790. In wintertime the Place de la Comédie is the place to get your holiday shopping done, as a Christmas Market is held here every year. Lastly, you can find many cafes and restaurants around the square.

Musée Fabre

One of Montpellier’s best-known museums, the Musée Fabre, is located just two blocks north of the Place de la Comédie. The museum was founded by the Montpellier-born painter François-Xavier Fabre in 1825. A collection of his works formed the basis for the museum. Nowadays, the museum also displays paintings from the 17th Century up to the 19th Century, as well as several statues and other ceramic works. The museum is classified as a “Museum of France”.

The Polygon
If you come to Montpellier for the shopping, the huge shopping center Polygon is a good place to start. Located just east of the Place de la Comédie, the Polygon houses everything from well-known global brands to famous French stores. For example, a branch of the famous French department store Galeries Lafayette is located here. You’ll also find shops such as Zara and H&M.

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Montpellier’s City Center the Ecusson

The historical city center of Montpellier is called the Ecusson. This area is full of narrow cobblestoned streets, beautiful French architecture, and small boutiques. If you prefer small independent shops to large department stores, the Ecusson is the place to go. The Ecusson neighborhood also boasts many great cafes and restaurants. If you want to have a proper French lunch or dinner, just stroll around the city center and pick a brasserie you like.

The Odysseum
For those of you who do like big department stores, the Odysseum is the shopping destination to check out. Located to the south-west of the city center of Montpellier, this massive complex houses big brands such as Apple, Ikea, H&M and Zara. Furthermore, there’s a lot more to do here. The Odysseum features a big aquarium, a bowling alley, a rock climbing facility, and more. Plus there are plenty of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy some good food in between al the activities.

City Hall & Antigone

For lovers of modern architecture, the new City Hall is definitely something worth seeing. The contemporary glass structure was designed by Jean Nouvel, and opened in November of 2011. The main hall and the surrounding grounds are all open to the public. Another great display of architecture from the 20th Century is the Antigone neighborhood. The neighborhood features buildings designed by Ricordo Bofill in a grand neoclassical architectural style. The region including the arch-shaped Hotel de la Région and the impressive apartment buildings is nicknamed the “Champs-Élysées of Montpellier”.

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South of France Video Tour: Montpellier, Part 1

Montpellier Food Hall, South of France Video Tour: Montpellier, Part 1.

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