New York City Food Tour : HUGE Pastrami Sandwich at Katz’s Deli and The Halal Guys!

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Join me on this delicious New York City food tour!
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New York City is an incredible food city because of the diversity of the food available. On this New York City food tour we started off the day by going to one of the most famous restaurants in NYC, Katz’s Delicatessen to eat pastrami. Next, we ate at a restaurants in New York City Chinatown called Spicy Village for an amazing pan of “Spicy Big Tray Chicken,” and for dinner I had chicken over rice from The Halal Guys, one of the most popular New York City street foods.

1:21 Katz’s Delicatessen – There are few places in New York City for food as famous as Katz’s Delicatessen, an absolute legendary deli in the city. Although it’s well overpriced, because it’s such a heritage NYC institution, it’s one of the must eat restaurants in the city. I arrived early in the morning, hoping to beat the crowds, which I did (go for breakfast if you want to avoid lines). After a little contemplation, I decided to go for the reuben with pastrami and a half of corned beef. The corned beef was alright, but the reuben with pastrami was incredible. Total price – $48.56

13:32 Spicy Village – Next up on this New York City food tour my wife and I walked around New York City Chinatown and eventually found our way over to a restaurant called Spicy Village (thanks to Monty for this recommendation). The one dish I mainly wanted to eat at Spicy Village was the Spicy big tray chicken, a pan of fried chicken parts and noodles in a spicy and mouth numbing broth. It was everything I had hoped for and more, and it was one of the best foods I ate in New York City! Total price – $22 – But along with the spicy big tray chicken we had an extra dish as well.

18:32 Times Square – One of the busiest and most recognized squares in the world is Times Square in New York City. So in the afternoon, happy and full of Spicy Village and Katz’s Deli, we walked over to Times Square to enjoy the people watching and the ridiculous amount of lights and action.

20:19 The Halal Guys – While walking through Times Square I remembered that one of the most popular New York City street food stalls wasn’t too far away. So we walked over to The Halal Guys, and I ordered chicken over rice. The chicken over rice itself is prepared pretty plain, but the flavor in The Halal Guys is all in the white and red sauce, both of which are incredibly flavorful and delicious. It was my first time to eat at The Halal Guys, and I’m pretty happy I did. Chicken over rice – $7

It was a great first full day in New York City with some incredibly delicious food. Probably my favorite dish of the day was the spicy big tray chicken from Spicy Village, but all the food was so food.

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New York City Food Tour : HUGE Pastrami Sandwich at Katz’s Deli and The Halal Guys!

New York Street Food Jordan, New York City Food Tour : HUGE Pastrami Sandwich at Katz’s Deli and The Halal Guys!.

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New York City Food Tour : HUGE Pastrami Sandwich at Katz’s Deli and The Halal Guys!, Find most searched full videos relevant with New York Street Food Jordan.

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There are New York street food halal trucks that cater only to the lunch crowd, and others to only the dinner rush; some do both. A number of food trucks are nomadic, posting a week’s-worth of places on websites such as Twitter and Facebook and making them reliant on their clients’ Internet savvy to assist them to their existing places. Others, like Raouli’s operation, are parked daily at the same area in the same community.

Found in the Upper West Side location of New York, this UK street foods of peru student favorite offers beer for 50 cents. Let’s simply duplicate that last bit once again shall we? Beer. For 50 cents! Ensure your New York City hostel is close-by if you’re preparing a night out here; that way, once the fun gets too much, stumbling house with bed in mind should not be too difficult. Ideally.

On the events when I miss out on Mexican and american food, I always have the option to head on over to Hard Rock Cafe best next door to Fukuoka dome in Momochi. Momochi is nearby to Nishijin so undoubtedly I am in luck. Difficult Rock Cafe Fukuoka boasts the largest restaurant of its kind in Japan. The food is great and obviously the atmosphere resembles all other Hard Rock Cafes out there. The staff is very friendly and given that I frequent their establishment frequently I am treated extremely well with occasional benefits.

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There are totally free performances daily. The Island Entertainers present a Luau show between 4 and 9 p.m. everyday, and the Birdman of Las Vegas presents his unique birds on Friday through Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m.

You’ll be ensured to be both full and content that you completed an extremely yummy day of consuming and walking around a fantastic location in Manhattan when you’re finished. Delight in!

Restaurant Row is a block committed to consuming and drinking. I personally enjoy the Fatty Crab, which offers an Americanized take on Malaysian BARBEQUE. The menu features the unique “mixed drink food” of chef Sam DeMarco.

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