Best complete video top searched city break, new york pizza, french restaurants, breakfast restaurants, and Best Miami Street Food, MIAMI STREET FOOD: PIZZA, HOT DOGS & FRIES!.

In this MIAMI STREET FOOD tour, we visit 1950s era “mom-and-pop” food businesses including a historic pizzeria and a world-famous hot dog stand.

We not only eat some delicious #streetfood including #pizza, an “all-around” hot dog and french fries but we also visit a nearby historic bowling alley.

Places we visit include:

  1. Frankie’s Pizza: 9118 SW 40th Street (Bird Road) Miami, Florida
  2. Bird Bowl: 9275 SW 40th Street (Bird Road), Miami Florida
  3. Arbetter’s: 8747 SW 40th Street (Bird Road) Miami, Florida

Our rescue dog, Hudson comes along with us as we travel around #Miami sampling food and even gets two hot dogs!


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About JamesandKarla:

Hey everyone! We are husband-and-wife architectural/interior photographers based in NYC. We started our video channel to act an artistic intervention to help raise awareness of the importance of small independently-owned businesses and the unique character these shops add to the streets and neighborhoods of New York City.

In our videos we will showcase portraits of storefronts and shop owners in New York City & capture moments of city life that capture the spirit, energy and cultural diversity of individual neighborhoods. We also bring our dog, Hudson along whenever we can.

We made it our mission to thoroughly document unique ‘mom-and-pop’ stores when we began to notice the alarming rate at which they were disappearing. Our critically acclaimed books include “STORE FRONT: The Disappearing Face of New York”, “New York Nights”, “STORE FRONT II- A History Preserved” and “Broken Windows-Graffiti NYC”.

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James & Karla Murray



Brand-New York City Holidays: Stuff You Ought To Understand About

But many of them only feature what you ‘d expect in a shopping center in any city.
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MIAMI STREET FOOD: PIZZA, HOT DOGS & FRIES!, Explore popular complete videos about Best Miami Street Food.

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There are Austin indian street food festival trucks that cater only to the lunch crowd, and others to only the supper rush; some do both. A number of food trucks are nomadic, posting a week’s-worth of locations on websites such as Twitter and Facebook and making them reliant on their customers’ Internet savvy to assist them to their current locations. Others, like Raouli’s operation, are parked daily at the same area in the same community.

Located in the Upper West Side area of New york city, this trainee preferred offers beer for 50 cents. Let’s simply duplicate that last bit once again shall we? Beer. For 50 cents! Make sure your New york city City hostel is neighboring if you’re planning a night out here; that way, when the enjoyable gets too much, stumbling home with bed in mind shouldn’t be too difficult. Ideally.

Being situated in Midtown Manhattan it is near nearly whatever actually. But in particular it’s very near to the Rockefeller Center which home to NBC studios and programs like Saturday Night Live and the Today Show in addition to the world famous ice skating rink that you have actually nearly definitely seen featured on television and in movies. It’s also simply a few blocks far from Radio City Music Hall which is one of the most prominent music places in the world. Radio City Music Hall has actually played host to the Grammy’s and many other awards shows in addition to terrific performances and programs such as the Rockettes. It’s also near to Times Square, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and the Museum of Modern Art.

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It’s the kind of dessert you will long for after attempting it. The diverse culture is actually assisting the nation now. Things have a faster speed up here and individuals like it that way. Lunch will be no issue in this neck of the woods.

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