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In this MIAMI FOOD TOUR: TASTE OF CUBA video, we visit the Little Havana neighborhood of #Miami along Calle Ocho and stop in many historic shops with ties to #Cuba. We have delicious #Cuban food and coffee and watch hand-rolled Cuban cigars being made.

We also speak and walk around the streets near Calle Ocho (SW 8th Street) with Miami native, Marvin Tapia @mrmiamimarvin, a community organizer for Viernes Culturales, who works to preserve Latin Art & Culture in Little Havana with festivals along Calle Ocho (Sw 8th Street) the third Friday of every month.

Not only do we eat delicious Cuban food on this tour but we also visit Hispanic cultural landmarks including the Calle Ocho Walk of Fame and Domino Park and have a chance to meet and speak with Cuban exiles and activists including Brigid Baker, a choreographer and owner of 6th Street Dance studio, which offers free workshops, lectures and community programming.

Places we visit in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami, Florida include:

  1. Los Pinareños Fruteria: 1334 SW 8th Street Miami, Fl
  2. Havana Classic Cigar: 1419 SW 8th Street Miami, Fl
  3. La Esquina De La Fama: 1388 SW 8th Street Miami, Fl
  4. Maximo Gomez Park: 801 SW 15th Avenue Miami, FL
  5. Francisco Cazañas (El Manicero): Peanut Vendor on Calle Ocho
  6. Calle Ocho Walk of Fame: SW 8th St. between 12th & 17th Ave.
  7. La Camaronera 1952 W. Flagler Street Miami, Fl
  8. 6th Street Dance Studio 1155 SW 6th Street Miami, Fl

Our rescue dog, Hudson comes along with us as we travel around Miami sampling food and even gets some freshly roasted peanuts from the El Manicero!

Many thanks to Marvin Tapia who you can follow on Instagram @mrmiamimarvin


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In our videos we will showcase portraits of storefronts and shop owners in New York City & beyond and capture moments of city life that capture the spirit, energy and cultural diversity of individual neighborhoods. We also bring our dog, Hudson along whenever we can.

We made it our mission to thoroughly document unique ‘mom-and-pop’ stores when we began to notice the alarming rate at which they were disappearing. Our critically acclaimed books include “STORE FRONT: The Disappearing Face of New York”, “New York Nights”, “STORE FRONT II- A History Preserved” and “Broken Windows-Graffiti NYC”.


Cuban Food 8th Street Miami, MIAMI FOOD TOUR: TASTE OF CUBA.

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Anywhere near the Town is an ensured good time. Moms and dads who wish to bring strollers can sign up for Stroller Trip. The dining establishment is tiny with a restricted menu– simply burgers and french fries.

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MIAMI FOOD TOUR: TASTE OF CUBA, Get trending high definition online streaming videos about Cuban Food 8th Street Miami.

Vacation To New York City – The Huge Apple

Found in the Upper West Side area of New york city, this trainee favorite sells beer for 50 cents. The finest thing, with a nation like China is that you have many options. Their cost variety is in between $3 and $14 dollars.

With riots in Thailand and acts of war in Korea, a tour of Asia seems less than suggested at the moment. Thankfully for you, the Far East is still well within reach and all without ever leaving the island of Manhattan. Last weekend, I set out on a journey around Asia with absolutely nothing more than my MTA metro card and an empty stomach. Below, I’ve stated the trip, which begins deep in Southeast Asia, makes its method up into Thailand, Vietnam, on to China, and finally ends in Japan. First off, Friday night out in Malaysia.

Cranberries are another excellent source of antioxidants. Cranberries are extremely healthy, low in calories, and are also understood to assist prevent and deal with urinary tract infections. Nevertheless, it is essential to make sure that you are refraining from doing more damage to your body than good when searching for sources of cranberries. Given that bottled cranberry juice is extremely common, you might be tempted to get that first. New York city asian street food Nevertheless, almost all cranberry juices found in shops are extremely high in sugar. It is a much better concept to look for fresh cranberries and make your own juice so you can manage what active ingredients enter into your beverage.

Eatpisode is a comfortable, candlelit Thai joint right in the thick of the LES, making it a terrific pregame spot prior to a night out. I met a few buddies, six-pack in tow (this place is BYOB) and continued to puruse the menu. With five various types of curry, myriads fried rice, Pad Thai, and all sorts of sweet, spicy, savory, and sour appetizers, this is a few of the finest Thai cookin’ beyond Siam. My palate were still jumping from the green curry the night prior to – I could not withstand and went with the green curry chicken. While the coconut milk and lemon lawn softened the heat compared to last night’s crab, the meal still packed a punch. which made ginza street food Portland Oregon that 6 pack decrease all the much faster.

However even with all of the millions of people scooting around, you can still blend into the insanity and fit right in. That’s due to the fact that everybody is too busy to discover you as they race to the trains, run to catch the ferries, or fight for a cab. New york city has a “kick you in the teeth” attitude that can make you feel satisfied when you actually achieve something. And, you understand you earned it due to the fact that you east 6th street Austin food ‘ve simply browsed through all the insanity. Here’s a local idea so do not sound like a tourist when you are downtown- it’s noticable “How-Stin” even though it is spelled like Houston. SoHo means south of Houston – now go figure out NoHo by yourself.

If you’re looking for Italian food, I’ll provide you a few more affordable alternatives, considering that Gari’s certainly not inexpensive. Bar Pitti is a real yummy reward. It does not take bookings, so expect to wait. The wait is well worth it, specifically for the cost you’ll pay. There’s also La Mela, which is more well-known considering that it’s a staple in Little Italy. It’s family design and you’ll certainly leave of here complete!

Cosmopolitan Hotel: The hotel is conveniently located (in Tribeca) throughout the street from a train that links to traveler locations within the city. Rooms include personal baths and cable. Some rooms include twin double beds that can accommodate a total of 4 individuals at $159 a night.

Practically every South Street Seaport steakhouse offers sea food also. In this method, if you are a sea food enthusiast, then steakhouse can also be the choice for you. In truth, a mix of browse and grass meal would make your dinning experience a lot more cherishable. To top it all, you can choose the type of beverage that you wish to have with your steak meal. After all, you will be spending your tough generated income for dinning out and you should enjoy it with complete essence.

You will feel almost like you’re in the middle of central park. New york city’s regional culture is well-known for its humor, pathos, and the capability to turn itself into an icon. However it isn’t so simple when you come down to it.

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