MASSIVE "All You Can Eat" £6.95 Unlimited Buffet Thali, Taste Test at Sharmilee Restaurant Leicester

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✓ If I was hungry and only had £6.95 in my pocket i know exactly where I would be…….

The food varieties are so many that I needed to use 2 thali plates!!!

This is my 3rd video at Sharmilee restaurant, in the 2 previous visits I recorded some vegetarian cooking action for all our kitchen action fans.

Hopefully you’ve previously seen the cooking action inside the kitchen, so now in this video we finally do a taste test of their massive buffet Vegetarian thali.

Here’s the links to the 4 main curry recipes that i taste test in this video:

Paneer Tawa Masala + Sweetcorn & Spinach Curry Recipe (Makai Palak):

Kidney Beans + Aubergine & Potato Curry Recipes:

The food served in their buffet is spectacular, on the day of my visit the following savoury and sweet foods was being served in the buffet:
* Rajma Curry
* Makai Palak
* Aubergine & Potato Curry
* Paneer Tawa Masala (very similar to a Paneer Tikka Masala)
* Various Pakoras / Aloo Bhajias
* Bateta Wada
* Dhokla
* Kadhi
* Gujrati Dal
* Pilau Rice
* Plain Boiled Rice
* Spinach Puri,
* Bhatura
* Garlic Naan Bread
* Plain Butter Naan
* Dahi Wada
* Fried Cabbage
* Salad items: Lettuce, Tomato, Sliced Onion, Raw Chillies, Carrot.
* Slice of Lemon

* Gulab Jaman
* Jalebi
* Sweet & Spicy Fried Cabbage

  • Mint Sauce
  • Tamarind Sauce
  • Raita
  • Hot Green Chutney

This is one of Leicester’s Golden Mile’s “Desi Restaurant’s” and amongst one of our favourite places to visit when ever we happen to be in Leicester, their massive “all you can eat” buffet is an absolute bargain which is priced at £6.95 Monday to Fridays and goes up to £9.95 at the weekends.

As you probably know by now, we absolutely love Desi places like this, a place serving delicious restaurant quality, home cooked food; but at very affordable street food prices!!!

There are many other Desi Indian vegetarian “Street Eat” items on the menu which we didn’t get to eat this time around, so we can’t wait to pay a return visit wink wink!!! 😉

It’s a place which serves food that is blessed by hand and human touch and further energised and charged by positive thoughts.

A special thank you to Sudir Gosai, Ashish Bhai and Head Chef Babu who welcomed us and graciously allowed us a privileged glimpse into their kitchen to do the videoing.

Here’s the hashtag links to their social media pages:
Facebook: @SharmileeLeicester
and Instagram: @sharmileeuk
Twitter: ????

Sharmilee Sweetmart and Restaurant established in 1973 (has been running now for 45 years) is located at address: 71 Belgrave Road, Leicester LE4 6AS, U.K.

If you have any questions; such as regarding their opening times etc… you can phone them on:
0116 261 0503 or 0116 266 8471

(This video recorded on Friday 12th October 2018).

This is another video from our recent week long foodie visit we made to Leicester (in Oct 2018) especially to record some of the most famous and popular food places there (some established many decades ago when East African Asians arrived in the UK having fled the Idi Amin regime) some of the East Africa Asians settled in the streets in and around the Belgrave road and Melton Road area (a stretch of road affectionately known as the ” Golden Mile”). Most if not all of the restaurants here are very homely and welcoming and it does not feel like you are eating in an unfamiliar cafe or restaurant but more like eating at a friend or relatives place.

Best Indian Street Food in Manchester

Best Indian Street Food in Manchester, MASSIVE "All You Can Eat" £6.95 Unlimited Buffet Thali, Taste Test at Sharmilee Restaurant Leicester.

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MASSIVE "All You Can Eat" £6.95 Unlimited Buffet Thali, Taste Test at Sharmilee Restaurant Leicester, Explore interesting complete videos about Best Indian Street Food in Manchester.

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