Lunch at Rs 70: Inside a Mom's Tiffin Business ft. Aastha Madaan

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In this week’s episode of The Rasoi Project, we meet Vijaya Etikala, a South Indian home chef who runs a tiffin service in Delhi by the name of Etikala’s Kitchen, where she serves homemade lunch at JUST Rs.70! Watch her inspiring story for an easy recipe of Gajar ka Halwa!

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We collaborated with Aastha Madaan (ex POPxo) for this video. Check out her channel for tips on mental health & happiness:

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Anchor: Pallavi Batra
Creative Director: Kanishak Pal
Director: Neeraj Saini
Producers: Neha Verma, Preeti Chauhan
Screenplay: Neha Verma
Editor: Manbodh Panwar
Director of Photography: Vikram Stephen
Sound: Vinod
Makeup: Kamlesh
Produced by: EatTreat

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More about Etikala’s Kitchen & her Gajar ka Halwa:
Vijaya Etikala is a South Indian home chef who runs her own catering services in Delhi by the name of Etikala’s Kitchen. She caters at student events as well, and charges upto INR 70 per plate for a wholesome homemade meal. Vijaya started the kitchen after her visit to Calcutta where she saw people savoring overpriced idlis that were not well prepared and told herself that she would some day make sure that people around the world get to taste her authentic cuisine.
She prepared Gajar ka Halwa for us with a special South Indian touch!

Check out Etikala’s Kitchen on Facebook here:

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Indian Street Food Home Manchester

Indian Street Food Home Manchester, Lunch at Rs 70: Inside a Mom's Tiffin Business ft. Aastha Madaan.

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Lunch at Rs 70: Inside a Mom's Tiffin Business ft. Aastha Madaan, Explore interesting updated videos relevant with Indian Street Food Home Manchester.

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