London Street Food – Best Desserts in Borough Market – London Desserts

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Borough Market is definitely one of the Street Food hotspots in London.

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If you love to eat, you should, without any doubt add Borough Market to your list of things to see during your visit to London.

There was a lot written about the best food in Borough Market, but not that much about the delicious cakes you can get there.

I visited Borough Market to map all the best cakes, ice creams, and coffee you can eat and drink there.

Doughnuts at Bread Ahead bakery (£3 a piece) – In my opinion, one of the best doughnuts in London. The most recommended is the vanilla doughnut.

Greedy Goat Ice Cream (£3 per scoop) – Delicious creamy ice cream from the British goats’ milk. With 30% lower lactose than cow milk, you should be able to enjoy this delicious ice cream even if you are lactose intolerant.

Gelateria 3Bis (£2.7 for a small cup) – Gelateria 3Bis makes, without any doubt, one of the best gelatos in London. I tried their gelato on my visit to Portobello Road Market. Expect some long queues during the summer months.

The Cinnamon Tree Bakery (4 for £8) – The Cinnamon Tree Bakery is famous for its artisan biscuits and cakes. I always go for 4 for £8 and buy Tahini Flapjacks, Vegan and Gluten-free Energy bars, and Salted Caramel Brownies.

New York Cheesecake from ION Patisserie (£3.5) – This is one extremely good cheesecake. Absolutely delicious and possibly one of the best I ever had.

Iced Latte at Monmouth Coffee Company (£3.6) – Coffee from Monmouth Coffee is fantastic. They are very popular in London, and I often come here to buy some beans as well.

Paris-Brest from Comptoir Gourmand (£3.5) – If you would like to try some French pastries, definitely stop at the Comptoir Gourmand. The Paris-Brest choux pastry filled with Hazelnut Praline Cream was scrumptious.

Alfajores in Portena (£2) – Portena focuses on the Argentinian street food and alfajores, filled with dulce de leche, is a must.

Brownies from Konditor & Cook (4 for £10) – Excellent brownies and definitely my choice in London. My absolute favorite is the Boston Brownie with tangy cranberries. Melting rich chocolate brownie with some sourness from cranberries is sweet and fresh at the same time.

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a Street Food and Desserts London

a Street Food and Desserts London, London Street Food – Best Desserts in Borough Market – London Desserts.

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London Street Food – Best Desserts in Borough Market – London Desserts, Search latest explained videos related to a Street Food and Desserts London.

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