LNER London North Eastern Railway First-Class Train Journey Reviews 2019: Leeds / London / Edinburgh

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Reviews of four First Class train journeys on LNER trains in May and June, 2019.

I’ve just added a new film to my Railways: British Railways playlist, here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvGU73l75qxUq6KJlX0l1KHYRglcxnBoC of four first class train journeys on LNER trains.

The journeys are as follows: Leeds to London Kings Cross on an Intercity 225 morning breakfast service; London Kings Cross to Leeds on an Azuma evening dinner service; Leeds to Edinburgh on an Intercity 125 morning breakfast service; Edinburgh to York on an Intercity 225 evening dinner service.

The film shows the seating, carriage layout, menus, food, drinks, announcements, and scenery along the way.

LNER First Class is probably the best first class of any British train operating company. Both breakfast and evening services have good quality food offerings and the evening services also have complimentary alcoholic drinks. The quality of the service did differ though, I found the breakfast service from Leeds to Edinburgh to be better than the breakfast service from Leeds to London. The evening service from London to Leeds was better than the evening service from Edinburgh to York. There were inconsistencies including missing dessert, toast and a menu.

Out of the three types of train I travelled on, I preferred the Intercity 225 in terms of journey comfort. The seats on this train and the Intercity 125 were extremely comfortable. The seats on the Azuma were less comfortable, and whilst the Azuma does give a very smooth ride, my back was aching after a journey from London to Leeds. The Intercity 225 was a smooth journey also, but the Intercity 125 had more movement and less good stabilisation in the carriage. There were also excessive vibrations on the Intercity 125 when another passed in the opposite direction.

The Azuma will eventually replace all other trains operated by LNER, I do hope that the seats on these trains will eventually be upgraded to the types of seats on the older Intercity trains. The Azuma service was excellent.

To contrast the LNER first class experience with a Cross Country trains first class experience, click here: https://youtu.be/dVQeH2moC-c .

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LNER London North Eastern Railway First-Class Train Journey Reviews 2019: Leeds / London / Edinburgh

Street Food Catering Glasgow, LNER London North Eastern Railway First-Class Train Journey Reviews 2019: Leeds / London / Edinburgh.

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LNER London North Eastern Railway First-Class Train Journey Reviews 2019: Leeds / London / Edinburgh, Search new full videos about Street Food Catering Glasgow.

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There are a lot of other things to do around town. You can go hiking or cycling. There is a difficult nine-hole golf course located near the canal and Loch Ness. A lot of dining establishments and clubs carry Scotland’s World-famous whiskies, and you can likewise sample local food. And, due to the fact that Fort Augustus gets a lot of traveler traffic, you will discover a variety of excellent accommodations.

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