Kuwaiti FISH MARKET – You CHOOSE They COOK at Souk Al Mubarakiya | Kuwait City, Kuwait

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As my final night in Kuwait came to a close, my boy Yousef and I headed out to an incredible Kuwaiti fish market for dinner! Come along with us as I explore the Kuwaiti fish market, enjoy some dinner, and wrap up my last night in Kuwait City, Kuwait!

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My adventure began on a hot October night at Souk Al Mubarakiya in Kuwait City. It’s the oldest souk, or Arab market, in Kuwait, and one of the oldest in the Gulf region. It’s over 200 years old!

We stopped at a shop selling beads where the prices range from half a Kuwaiti dinar to 2,000 Kuwaiti dinar (KD). The vendor said he had a billion of them! I browsed for a while, and I eventually bought a golden one for two KD, or about $6 USD, to keep in my car!

Then, I visited a shop that sells Kuwaiti perfume. It was really nice! There were tons of varieties you can try, as well as more that were for sale and some that were half-price. Everyone working there was super nice!

From there, we headed to the fish market. I could smell the fish before we got there. It wasn’t very big, but there was a ton of variety there. They had everything, including shrimp, many fish, crab, and more. We bought some fish and then took it to a nearby restaurant for them to cook it up for us! We’d also have some kebabs and bread along with the fish.

I loved the chill setting of the restaurant. It was part of a restaurant row behind the fish market. We got some herbs with lemon to start. It was 10 p.m., so I was starving!

There were multiple ways we could dig in to our feast. I got some fish first and dug through it to get rid of the bones. Then, I grabbed some bread and ate it with it. I loved the spices and herbs in the fish, which was a little creamy and falls apart easily. It didn’t have too many bones, so it was good! The top layer of fish was my favorite part!

Then, I went for the beef kebab with the bread. The kebab was so tender and smoky. It was amazing! Then, I added some herbs to the kebabs and bread. What a phenomenal meal!

Then, I dug into the fish with my hands to get more of the flesh and sauce. Then, we ended our meal with some black tea, which I added some mint to. It was really minty and tasted like Moroccan tea. I’d had some tea like it in Jordan as well!

After that, I headed back to the kitchens, where I saw them making Irani biryani, a delicious-looking shrimp dish, more fish, sautéed onions, and kebabs. Everything looked so good, and everyone working there was super friendly!

Then, Yousef and I headed to the fruit and vegetable part of the market. I saw never-ending dates, including some covered in sesame seeds. It was extremely sweet and dense. It’s what the locals break their fast with during Ramadan. Then, I tried a fruit that looked like a hard grape but tasted like an apple!

Around 11:30, the shops started closing up. I recommend coming here early, around 7 p.m. and eating around 8 so you still have time to explore afterward. As we continued on, I met more men who wanted to have a quick chat with me. Everyone in Kuwait was so friendly!

Then, we came across a shisha area, but I didn’t want to try any this time. We stopped at a shop, where we negotiated a price for a cup and a coffee container. I took them for about $10 USD. They were the most authentic things I’d found.

By the time we left, the Souk was completely quiet and closed down. There were so many alleyways. You could spend hours here! What a night!

If you’d like to explore Kuwait, I recommend hiring Local Tour Kuwait to show you around!

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Kuwaiti FISH MARKET - You CHOOSE They COOK at Souk Al Mubarakiya | Kuwait City, Kuwait

Miami Street Food Festival, Kuwaiti FISH MARKET – You CHOOSE They COOK at Souk Al Mubarakiya | Kuwait City, Kuwait.

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Kuwaiti FISH MARKET – You CHOOSE They COOK at Souk Al Mubarakiya | Kuwait City, Kuwait, Enjoy new high definition online streaming videos about Miami Street Food Festival.

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