Indian Street Food in Miami – Butter Chicken Samosa, Shrimp Momo & Spiced Lamb Buns | South Miami

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Welcome to the first episode of my epic series where my father Tomas and I take you through all the incredible food from around the world that you can try in our hometown of Miami! First up, we’re taking you to Charcoal Indian Cuisine to have some Indian street food!

The restaurant has a very distinct Maharashtrian style, as the owners are from Mumbai. The chef is Hyderabadi, while the waitress is from Manipur. They were going to make the food spicy for me!

We started with some Sula wine, which comes from Nashik, which is basically the Napa Valley of India. It was a little fruity and earthy. I really enjoyed it because it was light and wasn’t too alcoholic!

Our first street food was dahi puri, which is a puri stuffed with chickpeas, potatoes, coriander, and yogurt, among other things. They were loaded and had a nice spice level. I also liked the tamarind chutney, which added some sweetness. It was both creamy and crunchy and wasn’t super spicy.

Next, we had chicken lollipops, which are spicy, deep-fried chicken drumsticks. They came with a spicy Szechwan sauce and shrimp momos. We also got a Kashmiri chutney and some achar. The momos were a little spicy. The chutney was like a spiced oil! It was fantastic.

Next, I tried a butter chicken samosa with mint chutney, and chicken lollipops with the spicy chutney. It was hot, maybe a 5 or 6 out of 10, but not unbearable. The chicken was also super juicy!

Then, we tried bhel puri, which is like a nice, crunchy, and refreshing salad. It contained chives and I added some tamarind chutney. It’s a great thing to have on the streets of Mumbai!

Next were the lamb buns, which were nice and soft and contained really delicious lamb, onion, and carrots. The flavors were so complex. I loved it with the mint chutney! The bun tasted similar to idli!

Then, we moved on to the main courses: tandoori chicken and chicken tikka. The tikka is boneless, while the chicken tandoori has a bone in it. It’s fall-apart-in-your-mouth soft and is so flavorful! Then, we had creamy saag paneer (spinach with cottage cheese) and butter chicken. We had them with butter naan and garlic naan.

Next up was malai kofta and nargisi kofta, which is a beef-wrapped egg with malai kofta underneath. We also had Kashmiri pulao and a lamb shank. The nargisi kofta was so complex and contained deep-fried mincemeat around the hardboiled egg. It’s like a meatloaf with egg! It’s one of my new favorite dishes!

The pulao with the kofta sauce was so creamy! Then, we went for the lamb shank, which was down in a tasty, brownish gravy. It was super buttery and fell apart in my mouth!

For dessert, we had gulab jamun and shahi tukda. The shahi tukda is deep-fried bread in ghee, while gulab jamun are milk and wheat balls. The gulab jamun was amazing and gooey, and the sauce was so creamy. It’s like a little, mushy donut! The shahi tukda is super sweet, crunchy, and filling! It absorbs the sauce like a sponge!

What an amazing Indian street food experience at Charcoal Indian Cuisine in Miami! The malai kofta was definitely a favorite of mine, along with the wine!

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Indian Street Food in Miami - Butter Chicken Samosa, Shrimp Momo & Spiced Lamb Buns | South Miami

Indian Street Food in Miami, Indian Street Food in Miami – Butter Chicken Samosa, Shrimp Momo & Spiced Lamb Buns | South Miami.

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Indian Street Food in Miami – Butter Chicken Samosa, Shrimp Momo & Spiced Lamb Buns | South Miami, Enjoy new replays about Indian Street Food in Miami.

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