Indian Street Food in London Compilation: "Street Food Royalty" at Alchemy may make you feel hungry.

Interesting clips related to london railway stations, cheap eats, and Street Food Jobs Manchester, Indian Street Food in London Compilation: "Street Food Royalty" at Alchemy may make you feel hungry..

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✓ We feel very much obliged to take a bow, because in this video we are in the presence of the “Royal family”…………..the “Royal family of London’s Indian Street Food Scene” that is.

GOOD NEWSFLASH: The annual festival “Desi” Indian street food market is this year only for 5 days and is taking place from Thursday 3rd May to Monday 7th May 2018

(Last years Alchemy festival took place from: Thursday 18th May to Monday 29th May 2017).

Hearing the sizzle & smelling the delicious aromas coming from the grill is just a couple of the aspects of street food…….the other aspect is the one that feeds your visual sense & in this video we attempt to convey and articulate that visual theatre to you; the viewer.

This is a compilation of the best of the best…….the street food champions of Alchemy festival; the crème de la crème is represented here – watch & enjoy!!!

This is a compiled video showing the present (and past) street food traders over the last three years at Alchemy festival (2016, 2015 & 2014).

Alchemy Festival this year was from Friday 20 May to Monday 31st May 2016 (bank holiday Monday) as the Southbank Centre Square was once again transformed into a magical, bustling Indian Street Food market………it was truly a feast for the senses !!!

A roll call of “Proper London” & the UK’s street food “Maharajas” & “Ranis” – Street Food vendors at the festival were as follows:

Bombay Street Food by Guptas:

Kothu Kothu:

Dosa Deli:

Jhal Muri Express:

Sutra Naan – (Baigan & Chettinan Chicken topped wood fired oven Nan breads):

Zouk on Tour:

Indians Next Door: &

Pakwan” / “The Curry Cook House:

Peckish Peacock:

Roti Chai:

Chaatit – Bombay Toasted Sandwiches:

Soda Bar:

Yum Afhgan:

Baba g’s Bhangra Burger.

Bun Kabab.

Curry On.

Curry Shack.

Ladle & Skillet.
Mac N Cheese.
Royal Nawaab.

the Little Lassi Shop.
The Spice Box.
What the Dickens.
Wood fired Pizzas.
Curry Shack.
Horn OK please:

Chai Fusions
Desi Indian Street Food
Goa Curry & Bombay Wrap
Imli Street
Joho Soho
Maharaja wraps
Masala Chai
On the Spice Trail with Doukan
Seasoning Restaurant
Temple Farm Bhangras
Village Gujjus

Video recorded on in May 2016, 2015 and 2014 at the Alchemy Festival on the Southbank, Waterloo, London.

@Baba G’s Bhangra Burger
@Born & Raised
@Bun Kabab

@Curry On
@Curry Cook House
@Curry Shack
@Gupta Confectioners
@Horn Ok Please
@Kothu Kothu
@Ladle & Skillet
@Nawaab London Official
@The Peckish Peacock
@Royal Nawaabs

@Square Root London
@The Indians Next Door
@The Spice Box
@What The Dickens
@Zouk Tea Bar & Grill

@ Cinnamon Soho @Cinnamon Kitchen & Anise (joho Soho)

@the Little Lassi Shop
@Sutra Naan
@squarerootlondon (Soda Bar)

@Chai Fusions – Chai Wallah (Chai Fusions)
@Village Gujju’s Recipe
@Imli Street
@Roti Chai Indian Street Kitchen (Roti Chai)
@Indian Seasoning Restaurant & Lounge

@Desi Indian Street Food
@Goa Curry & Bombay Wrap
@Maharaja wraps

@Jaffrey – Twitter only: @PakorasAndMore
@mums the chef ……. Twitter only: @mumsthechef

@On the Spice Trail with Doukan
@Temple Farm Bhangras

@The Spice Scribe
@Desi Indian Street Food

Music used for the photos slide show is Royalty Free Music. “Dhaka” by Kevin MacLeod.

Dhaka by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0…


شاهد روعة المأكولات الهندية في شوارع لندن !! فن ✔ إتقان ✔ نظافة

Street Food Jobs Manchester

Street Food Jobs Manchester, Indian Street Food in London Compilation: "Street Food Royalty" at Alchemy may make you feel hungry..

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Indian Street Food in London Compilation: "Street Food Royalty" at Alchemy may make you feel hungry., Get most shared full length videos about Street Food Jobs Manchester.

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