Glasgow Food – Things You Must Eat in Glasgow | Scotland

Latest high defination online streaming top searched discount hotels, uk seafood, and Best Street Food in Glasgow, Glasgow Food – Things You Must Eat in Glasgow | Scotland.

Glasgow food scene is quite vibrant. From classic Scottish cuisine to international flavours, you can easily find food that suits your taste buds. In this video, I explore Glasgow food and show you some Glasgow special dishes that you should try when you visit the city.

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Must Eat in Glasgow

  1. Full Scottish Breakfast – Like every breakfast, Scottish breakfast comes with baked beans, eggs and toasts. But, what makes it different as Scottish specialities like black pudding and tattie scone. You can easily find Scottish breakfast all day in most cafes across Glasgow.

  2. Deep Fried Haggis – Haggis is the national dish of Scotland and is usually served as a savoury pudding. But in Glasgow, you can easily find a deep fried Haggis that makes this meaty dish tastier. While it might lack in appearance, but it makes up for it in taste. It is easy to find deep fried Haggis in any chip shop in Glasgow.

  3. Chicken cooked in Buckfast Sauce – Buckfast is a popular tonic wine in Glasgow. When in the city, you must try a dish that is cooked using this wine. There are only a few places where you can find Buckfast sauce based dishes. My favourite is AGA Mezze Palace on Dundas St. The chef is very sweet and can prepare any dish using Buckfast sauce. In fact, you can also try Grouse sauce and Tennants Sauce.
    *Link to AGA Mezze Palace Website – *

  4. Macaroni Pie – The thought of pasta in pastry is odd, but if you are in Scotland then even that combination can be yummy. In Glasgow, you must try a cheesy Macaroni Pie. You can easily find a Macaroni Pie at any chip shop or cafe in Glasgow.

Do let me know what are your favourite foods in Glasgow?

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Glasgow Food - Things You Must Eat in Glasgow | Scotland

Best Street Food in Glasgow, Glasgow Food – Things You Must Eat in Glasgow | Scotland.



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Glasgow Food – Things You Must Eat in Glasgow | Scotland, Play latest explained videos relevant with Best Street Food in Glasgow.

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