Giant CRISPY POMFRET at 1 MICHELIN STAR – Thai Food Restaurant! | Bangkok, Thailand

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Ruean Panya (ร้านเรือนปั้นหยา) is a Thai seafood restaurant about a 1 hour drive from Bangkok that recently received 1 Michelin Star. It was one of the restaurants I had not ever heard of, so finally, one fine day we drove out to the restaurant to taste their food – specifically their seafood.

Here are the dishes I ate at Ruean Panya (ร้านเรือนปั้นหยา):

Shrimp fried with salt (กุ้งทอดเกลือ) – These massive shrimp are a must order, huge and so fresh and firm. They are deep fried with salt.

Black pomfret (ปลาเต๋าเต้ยทอดกระเทียม) – This was one of the best dishes for me, a massive black pomfret, deep friend to an ultimate crisp, with tons of garlic.

Crab relish (หลนปูเนื้อ) – Another one of the most famous dishes at Ruean Panya (ร้านเรือนปั้นหยา) is their entire crab in a coconut milk thick relish. It’s a traditional Thai dish, and it’s a bit on the sweet side, but really extraordinarily delicious.

Crab chili dip (น้ำพริกเนื้อปู) – This simple de-shelled crab dip was fantastic.

Snail curry (แกงคั่วหอยขม) – This was ok, but not the best version I’ve ever had.

Long-whiskered catfish (ปลาอีกงราดพริดสูตรโบราณ) – This was a unique dish, very good deep fried catfish, covered in a thick and oily chili sauce.

Fried pork fish sauce (หมูทอดน้ำปลา) – Finally, my wife ordered the fried pork with fish sauce.

We ordered a lot of food, and all the Thai food at Ruean Panya (ร้านเรือนปั้นหยา) is served family style. So although it’s very expensive, we could have easily had 3 – 4 more people eating this entire meal to make the costs more manageable.
Total price – 9,765 THB ($298.74)

Ruean Panya (ร้านเรือนปั้นหยา) is an amazing restaurant, especially the seafood is what stood out. They are a 1 Michelin Star Thai food restaurant, well deserving. Well worth the drive!

Ruean Panya (ร้านเรือนปั้นหยา):


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Asian Food Street in Manchester

Asian Food Street in Manchester, Giant CRISPY POMFRET at 1 MICHELIN STAR – Thai Food Restaurant! | Bangkok, Thailand.

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Giant CRISPY POMFRET at 1 MICHELIN STAR – Thai Food Restaurant! | Bangkok, Thailand, Find new replays about Asian Food Street in Manchester.

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