English Breakfast at E. Pellicci in London

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E. Pellicci in London is a fantastic little restaurant where you can order a range of dishes, including a delicious English breakfast. Read my article here: http://migrationology.com/2014/06/e-pellicci-london/

When I was in London, one morning, I decided to go over to a restaurant known as E. Pellicci, on the East side of the city, located along Bethnel Green road. I went there having really no idea what to expect, other than I knew that I wanted to try their full English breakfast – other than that, I knew just about nothing about them.

As soon as we entered E. Pellicci we were warmny greeted by the friendly staff – it wasn’t just another greeting – it was warm and welcoming. The restaurant was classic and friendly, small and homely. The menu was actually bigger than I had expected, there was a full range of both English and Italian dishes to choose from. I actually wanted to go crazy ordering everything, but then I remembered that I had come specifically for the full English breakfast, so that’s what I ended up choosing. However, before getting my breakfast, I ordered a cup of black coffee, which was very good as well.

For Pellicci’s Full English, you could get a choice of either toast or fried bread, and since I had never had the fried bread before, that’s what I decided to go for. The breakfast came with sausage, bacon, egg, tomatoes, and mushrooms, and though I didn’t realize it at the time, I could have gotten it with more things on my plate like beans and black pudding. Somehow I missed that on my order, but looking back, I should have ordered those accompanying sides as well, to make it a more complete full English breakfast. That being said, I was still very happy with what I ordered.

The full English breakfast came, and it was everything I had hoped for. The meat including the sausage and bacon was great quality, and extremely tasty, the egg was fried perfectly, and the mushrooms and tomatoes complemented everything well. The fried bread was like a piece of bread deep fried in oil, so it was a bit on the greasy side, but it sure was crispy. Overall, I probably would have chosen toast, had I had another chance to eat at E. Pellicci.

After we polished off our breakfast and were on our way out of E. Pellicci, one of the owners, ran out the door and said, “you guys forgot a piece of our bread pudding,” and she kindly handed us a little baggie with a foil wrapped piece of her grandmothers’ recipe bread pudding. It was not too sweet, but just nicely flavored and custardy in texture.

E. Pellicci restaurant in London serves a great full English breakfast, and I’m sure the other dishes are delicious too. But along with the great food, the service and the attitudes of the owners and staff were so amazing, so friendly and welcoming. It’s food and restaurant experiences like these, that make me want continue eating and exploring food around the world. Had I been in London longer, I would have eaten at E. Pellicci many more times. If you visit London, you should include E. Pellicci on your itinerary.

E. Pellicci Restaurant — London, England
Address: 332 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 0AG, United Kingdom
Open hours: 7 am — 4 pm on Monday — Saturday (closed on Sunday)
Price: You’ll spend about 5 — 8 GBP per person for a great meal
How to get there: I walked from the Shoreditch area of London, however you could also take the Underground to Bethnel Green station, and E. Pellicci is just a short walk from there.
Full article here: http://migrationology.com/2014/06/e-pellicci-london/

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Street Food at Manchester

Street Food at Manchester, English Breakfast at E. Pellicci in London.

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English Breakfast at E. Pellicci in London, Play interesting complete videos about Street Food at Manchester.

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