ENDLESS Mini Burgers at BURGERIM | Miami, Florida

Interesting replays top searched fat burning food, raw foods, city sightseeing, and Street Food a Miami, ENDLESS Mini Burgers at BURGERIM | Miami, Florida.

If you haven’t heard about Burgerim, you are about to! They are the fastest growing Burger franchise in America. They are currently growing in South Florida and I decided to check them out to see what they are all about.

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Burgerim started in Israel and is now taking America by storm. They have a unique concept which is basically build your own burger. You can mix-and-match, their 3 oz patties with tons of toppings, sauces and buns. They have a duo, trio and party box which comes with 16 different burgers!

I decided to try the party box and get a big mix of mini burgers. I also got all three sides, Burgerim fries, onion rigs and sweet potato fries. I also tried their hot chicken wings and a delicious milk shake.

After the first few bites I fell in love with Burgerim. Each burger was completely different. I love that they have 11 patties to chose from and so many different toppings and sauces.

Burgerim: https://www.burgerim.com/

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ENDLESS Mini Burgers at BURGERIM | Miami, Florida


ENDLESS Mini Burgers at BURGERIM | Miami, Florida

Street Food a Miami, ENDLESS Mini Burgers at BURGERIM | Miami, Florida.

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There are great deals of styles to select from, so spend some time to look. Just just run throughout the street and buy anything you need with ease. The risk of hunger and death was always simply around the corner.

ENDLESS Mini Burgers at BURGERIM | Miami, Florida, Explore top complete videos about Street Food a Miami.

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America’s most current food fad really isn’t so new. Simply return to your childhood summers when the only thing that could break up baseball games or swimming pool celebrations besides a mom’s voice was the sweet siren call of the ice cream truck rolling into your community.

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