Durga Puja in Delhi | Chittaranjan Park | Pandal, Food, Shopping, Folk Dance And More

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Chittaranjan Park is known as the Mini Kolkata of Delhi. This area in South Delhi is mainly a colony of Bengali people. Therefore, when it comes to celebrating Durga Puja in a traditional Bengali way, Chittaranjan Park of C R Park always comes with its unique style to celebrate it. Like every year, even this year countless pandals have been placed throughout C R Park. I visited 4 of the popular pandals on Ashtami and this vlog highlights every aspect of my visit. I visited pandals at Nabapalli ground, Mela ground, Kali Bari, and Co-operative Ground. Also, tried the local food and enjoyed the festivity at its best. I hope you enjoy this vlog as much as I enjoyed making it for you.

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C R Park Street Food London

C R Park Street Food London, Durga Puja in Delhi | Chittaranjan Park | Pandal, Food, Shopping, Folk Dance And More.

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You may desire to try at least a few of it while you are visiting this incredible historic city. It will change your life for the better I ensure. In addition there must be no liquid consumed while consuming.

Durga Puja in Delhi | Chittaranjan Park | Pandal, Food, Shopping, Folk Dance And More, Find most shared replays relevant with C R Park Street Food London.

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The best method to get to the parade is using train, cable car or bus. There are unique trains and buses that operate the entire night of the parade that take individuals not just for the event however also home after the event.

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