Dublin, Ireland As We Travel Europe

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Dublin, Ireland was such a wonderful city, full of colorfully bright doors, pubs & friendly people.

We’re going to walk around Dublin. We’re going to check out some churches, some of the old part of town. It’s a very historical place here, they’ve got buildings here from what 11th century, so it’s really old. We’re going to go check them out, get some nice shots, and then also go and taste some local Irish traditional cuisine, and well Drinks, the beer. [laughing] We’re going to get drunk. Irish whiskey and some Guinness. And then we’re going to see what happens after that. But that’s our plans for the day. We’re outside the Christ Church Cathedral here in Dublin. It’s beautiful, I think it’s very fairy tale-like. It’s very beautiful. It’s been here since 1030—not this morning—1030, one thousand and thirty. Very well kept. Really, really beautiful. Then again, it costs 4,000 Euro a day maintain this apparently. Apparently. I’m not sure what they’re maintaining really.

Ok, we just spent the morning walking around old part of Dublin. We’ve gone to the Christ Church Cathedral. We’ve checked out some of the old parts of town. But as we’re walking down to have some lunch—we’re going to have some fish and chips in about 5 minutes—I just noticed these Irish pubs everywhere, and they’re so colorful. Look at them, there’s green, there’s a red one over there. It’s just so, more traditional and more cultural thing to see when you’re in Dublin than going to a museum, or going to those Castles, church. It’s all kind of similar in a way. This is very authentic, I think. I’m sure there’s more history in these old Irish pubs than any of those museums and churches. I think it’s incredible. And it’s still where they drink, like you said, and still where they hang out. And have a beer and Irish cuisine. Every single pub sells traditional Irish food, so I really want to try some. We going to get some fish and chips now, try some Guinness, and then go and have a rest I think. But let’s go find some fish and chips—that’s also a problem, is that every single place here is advertising, “We’ve got the best.” Which one are we going to choose? “We’ve got the most traditional fish and chips,” every single place. So either we just pick one, or we go and try them all.

We just bought some traditional fish and chips from one of Ireland’s—one of Dublin’s most famous fish and chip places. Sofia hasn’t had fish and chips much before. But, of course, I’m from New Zealand so it’s common food for us, but we got fish and chips and we’re going to see what Sofia thinks of them. Yeah. Apparently they put vinegar in it he said it was the most—that’s what they do here so Chips are good. Oh wow. Tastes good. That’s actually really good. We spent the whole day outside sightseeing in Dublin, so now we’re going to spend the evening relaxing at some nice Irish pub, and watching some traditional Irish musicians. Ok, so this is the famous Guinness beer. It’s really, really, really dark. That’s why they call it the black brew. And, it’s got a really interesting flavor. It’s kind of creamy, and it tastes very, very dark. But, I don’t know, it’s kind—I like it. It’s not really—there’s not too much bubbles in it, so it’s really nice.

Dublin, Ireland As We Travel Europe

Fish and Chips Pub Edinburgh, Dublin, Ireland As We Travel Europe.

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Nevertheless, if you must, look after your belongings. Radiating out from the water are little plats/gardens where grain crops are grown; corn, wheat and rice. Many soldiers were stationed here and homed throughout both wars.

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My suspicious guide had the sharp angular functions of a Kashmiri. Indeed, he presented himself as Amir from Kashmir. The Kashmiri individuals had actually been force from their mountain paradise in Kashmir to spread throughout India in search of work. At one time, the gorgeous Himalayan region of Kashmir was the most popular traveler location of travelers.

Now I might make my life a meditation and going to work might be a Spiritual Trip. My Dharma was in the west and I was all set to live it totally. Spirituality is inside. You do not need to travel to India or Tibet. You only need to go home.

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