DIVERSE Korean STREET FOOD Tour on Myeongdong Street | Seoul, South Korea

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With another night in Seoul upon me, I met up with my boy Paul from Tastes Seoul Good to head out on an epic and diverse Korean street food tour on Myeongdong Street! Come along with us as we sample some of the most mouthwatering street foods the city of Seoul has to offer!


Paul (Tastes Seoul Good): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI_4xw1y0CV-1gVYK2PgW-A/featured

Myeongdong Street is another entertainment district. It’s the shopping capital of Seoul and a mecca for street food. It’s centrally located, so it’s very easy to get to. It’s also very trendy and touristy, but I still couldn’t wait to eat!

My first food was a ball of soybeans and fermented honey that’s stretched and pulled into strands and topped with different toppings. Mine was topped with almonds and was insanely good! The flavor was outstanding! It costs 5,000 won/$4.20 U.S. for 8.

Next was mandu, a pan-fried dumpling with pork and veggies inside. It’s garlicky and full of spring onions. It was so good, and I loved the pork inside. I added some soy sauce, which made it even better! It was also very oily!

There were also samples of many varieties of almonds, including fire chicken flavor, wasabi. We tried a hot one, which wasn’t so hot at first, but it hit me a few seconds later. Then I had the wasabi one, which had a sweetness to it. The third one was so good and was like pop rocks mixed with almonds. It’s the best almost in the world! They were so good that I bought a bag for 6,900 won/$5.80 U.S.

From there, we found a stall selling lots of things I’d tried before, like the sundae and tteok-bokki. I wanted to find something more diverse, so we continued on past lots of shops catering to women and the K-Pop audience.

Next, we found Myeongdong Dakgalbi, which is like a Korean hamburger and has rice cakes on it. It’s smothered in lots of stringy cheese and is torched. The beef was super tender and had light spices on top. It gave it a really nice flavor. It was so bomb! Then I added some spicy sweet & sour sauce. The beef costs 6,000 won/$5.04 U.S. Without cheese, it’s 5,000/$4.20, and the pork is 4,000/$3.36. Then it was Paul’s turn to try it with some cream cheese sauce!

Next up was some gimbap. There were 9 varieties and decided on the one with roe while Paul went with the spicy bulgogi. Mine was so good! It had a tiny bit of spice and I loved the sticky rice! It was full of roe with lots of crunchy seaweed around it. It was fantastic! Paul’s contained pork and looked equally amazing! Usually, the gimbap is 6 for 5,000, but you can also get one for 1,000.

Next, I had some egg bun, which is topped with egg, almonds, peanuts, and sunflower seeds. The bun was sweet and felt custard-like. It was good but very filling! The yolk was fully cooked but my favorite part was the sunflower seeds, which added a whole new flavor!

Next was skewered chicken, which cost 4,000 won/$3.36. You have your choice of 6 sauces. I went with the teriyaki. It was crunchy and juicy and was the best chicken teriyaki ever! Then I tried the spicy sauce, which was like the tteok-bokki sauce and was really hot! The barbecue sauce really helped calm down the heat, but the vendor nearly set himself on fire! Then Paul tried the Hydrogen Bomb, which he says was super spicy!

My mouth was still on fire, so we found a juice stand to put the fire out! My juice was super refreshing and the perfect counter to the heat.

Then we headed to Craft Hans, a bar that sells Korean and international beers and food. It had a nice terrace and a garden. Paul went with a citrusy Weizen, while I went with a Hans IPA, which was hoppy and smooth.

What a night! I hope you enjoyed coming with me and Paul to Myeongdong Street! If you did, please give it a thumbs up, leave me a comment, and subscribe so you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food videos!

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DIVERSE Korean STREET FOOD Tour on Myeongdong Street | Seoul, South Korea

Korean Street Food Miami, DIVERSE Korean STREET FOOD Tour on Myeongdong Street | Seoul, South Korea.

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DIVERSE Korean STREET FOOD Tour on Myeongdong Street | Seoul, South Korea, Search top high definition online streaming videos related to Korean Street Food Miami.

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