DATE NIGHTS IN BIRMINGHAM ep1 // Digbeth Dining Club & Birdies Bar

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So, i thought it would be a great idea to show you the best date spots in and around Birmingham. We have so much to offer here. And sometimes it can be so overwhelming to figure out new places. Or when you go to somewhere new without a recommendation. I mean don’t get me wrong that can be great sometimes. That’s what i’ll be doing to find the best date spots for you in Birmingham.

So, i thought i’d kick off with one of my favourite date spots in Birmingham, It’s just on the outside of the town centre in Digbeth. It’s walk-able from the train station or you could taxi if you’re local. There is also lots of parking near by too if you decide not to sample the drinks.

SO DIGBETH DINING CLUB & BIRDIES BAR are featured in episode 1! Mark and i went on a Friday around 7pm so it was quite busy and quite loud in there so i couldn’t do what i planned to do where i was going to chat more whilst i was there. But i did a summary at the end. WHICH I DIDN’T REALISE WAS IN UTTERLY TERRIBLE LIGHTING. I apologise, i expected better of myself. This won’t happen again. i promise.

SO DDC is basically a collection of great street food vendors in digbeth, Birmingham. They change all the time so even if you went from one week to the next there will be someone new there. There is also 4 bars that are a permanent fixture there. You can buy a drink in 1 and walk a bout the whole place with it, you can browse all of the street food goodness that is on offer. There is always vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten free options from most vendors.

Mark and I, always get 1 plate to share between the 2 of us, this way we get to graze for longer and try more amazing street food that digbeth dining club has to offer!

We then nipped over the road to try out the brand new Birdies bar, which was so so cool! In a great location in Digbeth, Birmingham. Right next to ghetto golf and Digbeth dining club. It was a really cool tropical themed bar, they did amazing cocktails in there as well as food. We unfortunatly were too full from Digbeth dining club to sample the food there. But i will go back an make a full video on there!

I hope you like the video! I’m hoping to post more video’s of date ideas in and around Birmingham. Let me know what you thought!!

Love ya

Insta: @goodlucknic

Digbeth dining club insta: @digbethdiningclub
Birdies Insta: @birdiesbarbrum

Street Food Birmingham Digbeth

Street Food Birmingham Digbeth, DATE NIGHTS IN BIRMINGHAM ep1 // Digbeth Dining Club & Birdies Bar.

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DATE NIGHTS IN BIRMINGHAM ep1 // Digbeth Dining Club & Birdies Bar, Find new full videos related to Street Food Birmingham Digbeth.

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