CUSCO PERU: Eating AUTHENTIC Local Peruvian Food with a Local CHEF – Ep. 3 | Peru 2020 Travel Vlog

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Peru Ep.3 We arrive to Cusco Peru and right away get started eating delicious authentic Peruvian food with a local chef. We hope you enjoy our Cusco Peru Travel Vlog as part of our Peru 2020 travel series (con subtitulos)

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We finally arrived in Cusco. Join us as we are invited into the home of a talented Local chef who shows us what REAL AUTHENTIC Peruvian food is all about. Not to mention shows us some incredible plants that can literally “Take You To Another World”..😂

We also get an inside look of how one community of Peruvians make their clothing and how they naturally get the incredible colors that makes their clothing so special. It’s incredible how talented, passionate and dedicated these women of Peru are. Wait til you see their skills.
The place in this video is called Alpacasarie. Located in a small town within Cusco.
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CUSCO PERU: Eating AUTHENTIC Local Peruvian Food with a Local CHEF - Ep. 3 | Peru 2020 Travel Vlog

Peruvian Food Austin Street, CUSCO PERU: Eating AUTHENTIC Local Peruvian Food with a Local CHEF – Ep. 3 | Peru 2020 Travel Vlog.

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CUSCO PERU: Eating AUTHENTIC Local Peruvian Food with a Local CHEF – Ep. 3 | Peru 2020 Travel Vlog, Get latest explained videos relevant with Peruvian Food Austin Street.

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