Cuban Street Food in Miami – Pastelitos, Croquetas & Cuban Coffee | South Miami

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My epic Miami street food series continues with the cuisine that Miami is most often associated with: Cuban food! This is the food I grew up eating and I can’t wait to share it with you. Join me and my dad as we enjoy some incredible Cuban street food in Miami, Florida!

Today, my father Tomas and I decided to hit up CasaCuba, an amazing Cuban restaurant in South Miami.¡Vamos!

Cuban restaurants in Miami have little window called a ventanita where you place your order. Inside, we watched the cook, Jose, make tortilla madrileña, Cuban puff pastries called pastelitos, and croquetas.

Next, we saw the maza, or dough, for the jamon serrano croquetas. Then, in the freezer, I saw some picadillo, paletas, octopus, and salmon! There’s also a walk-in veggie cooler and sandwich stations that have fixings for Cuban sandwiches and tostadas.

At la ventanita, you can get 4 styles of coffee: regular café Cubano, colado, café con leche, and cortadito.

We started with the coffees. The cafecito was first. It’s amazing. I have it every morning! Then, we went with the colada, which you share in little cups. It feels stronger than the expresso in the Cafecito, but it’s the same thing. Then, we tried the café con leche, which was huge! It’s light. You eat it with buttered bread, which you dip into the café con leche. They overdo it with the butter but it’s so good. It really absorbs the coffee but still maintains its crunch! It’s amazing combination.

Then, we went for the croquetas. Four of them were originals with ham, while the other two had jamon serrano. The jamon serrano ones were delicate and flaky with a mushy, pudding-like filling that almost tasted like bechamel, like the ones in Spain. The originals have a breadcrumb crust and no bechamel. I loved the serrano one!

Next were four types of pastelitos: guava, cheese, ground beef, and guava and cheese. The guava ones were amazing and contained lots of layers, with the sweet, fruit filling inside. The hot filling oozed out! My dad loved the beef and enjoyed the sweet and salty combination.

Then, I had the cheese one while my dad tried the guava and cheese. The cheese one tasted like cream cheese. It was so thick! But the guava and cheese was excellent, as was the ground beef. The sweet and salty was great and the layers were nice and crunchy.

Next was the tortilla madrileña, which is an omelet with chorizo, queso manchego, and potatoes on the side. It was so tasty. I loved the manchego, and the potatoes were nice, too. I’d never had an omelet like this one. It had a lot of chorizo inside and many layers.

Next up were empanadas, which are turnovers with filling inside. They originated in Spain and can be found all over Latin America. This one contained pulled chicken, but they can have lots of different fillings. It was crumbly and very different from the pastelitos because it wasn’t as flaky.

Next was the papa rellena, which is a fried mashed potato with ground beef inside. The bread crumbs on the outside give it a nice crunch. It’s so good!

Then, for dessert, we had arroz con leche, a Spanish dessert with cinnamon on top. It’s basically rice pudding! It’s sticky and sweet and is amazing with the cinnamon on top. It’s super condensed! Then, we ended with more coffee! We both loved the guava and cheese pastelitos and the jamon serrano croqueta the most.

What an amazing look at Cuban street food in South Miami, Florida!

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Cuban Street Food in Miami - Pastelitos, Croquetas & Cuban Coffee | South Miami

Cuban Street Food Miami, Cuban Street Food in Miami – Pastelitos, Croquetas & Cuban Coffee | South Miami.

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Cuban Street Food in Miami – Pastelitos, Croquetas & Cuban Coffee | South Miami, Watch new complete videos about Cuban Street Food Miami.

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Few of the restaurants serve both the meals, so that any kind of customer can take pleasure in food there. However the bad news for us is that if we wish to it in the local fruit shop, we will not get it.

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