Authentic KOREAN STREET FOOD Tour of Seomun Market | Daegu, South Korea

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After arriving in the city of Daegu on my ninth day in South Korea, my travel buddy Sam and I hit the ground running with a visit to 83 Tower, followed by a trip to Seomun Market to try some of the local street food! Come along with us as we explore the city of Daegu!



Our morning in Korea’s fourth-largest city began at 83 Tower, which is considered a symbol of Daegu. I heard that it offers incredible views of the city, so I couldn’t wait to go up and get a bird’s-eye view of Daegu!

83 Tower has (you guessed it) 83 floors. Its observation deck is located on the 77th floor and there is a restaurant on the 78th. It costs 10,000 won ($8.25 U.S.) for adults to go up to the observatory. We took the elevator up. The observation deck was beautiful!

The city was so big! I could see a park, stadium, an amusement park, and more. It was so cool to see the city nestled in the valley between mountains. On the wall, there’s a display that compares the heights of several famous towers around the world.

We ordered some green tea lattes from the café, which only cost about $2.50 U.S. each. My matcha espresso latte was cold and refreshing! From the tower, we headed to the Skyway cable car, which was free! It took us over the amusement park. After 10 minutes, we were back on the ground!

Daegu was so much bigger than we anticipated. We caught a taxi to Seomun Market, a traditional market that has over 4,000 stalls. It’s the last remaining market from the Joseun Dynasty.

It looked like we were the only foreigners in the market, which I loved! We found some pots that are used for storing spices, some kitchenware, vegetables, and nuts roasting in drums. There was also dried seafood like prawns, fish, and seaweed. I’d never seen a presentation like this!

Our first street food were a cabbage pancake and a leek chili pancake. They were served with a soy sauce with onions. At 2,500 won (a little over $2 U.S.) each, they were practically a steal!

The leek chili one was a little hot with very little batter. It was so healthy and tasty! The cabbage one was also good and not my favorite. It had more batter and a bit of leek inside.

Next, we passed by lots of seaweed and dried fish on our way to get a little waffle ball with walnut and red bean paste inside. It was very nice and contained a walnut and lots of red bean paste. You get 10 for 3,000 won, or $2.47.

We passed crafts, clothing, and kids stuff before we found more street food across the street. We found a lady selling oden, or hot pot, tteok cooking in a red chili paste, and blood sausage. The blood sausage was really spicy and had an amazing texture! It cost 1,000 won, or $0.82. The tteok was only 500 won!

The tteok a thick rice cake. It wasn’t too spicy but I loved it! Then I tried the fish cake (1,000 won). It was spongy with lots of herbs. I loved how dense and spicy it was!

We cooled off with a cold, cloudy, and milky rice drink called sikhye. It contains grains of rice floating on the bottom and is really refreshing. It reminded me of sugarcane juice from India! The rice at the bottom was really nice!

Next was a sweet doughnut-like dish called hotteok, which has sugar and seeds on it. They’re served scorching hot and have a crispy exterior with a soft, elephant-ear-like texture on the inside. It was amazing and super sweet! It cost 1,000 won.

I was full, so we laid off the food. I found some clothing for kids and looked for something for my daughter. It was never-ending! I found some Spider-Man and Iron Man shirts for about $7. The saleswoman even gave me a discount!

What an adventure! I hope you enjoyed exploring Daegu with us. If you did, please give it a thumbs up, leave me a comment, and subscribe you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food videos.

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Authentic KOREAN STREET FOOD Tour of Seomun Market | Daegu, South Korea

Miami Street Food Market, Authentic KOREAN STREET FOOD Tour of Seomun Market | Daegu, South Korea.

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Authentic KOREAN STREET FOOD Tour of Seomun Market | Daegu, South Korea, Get popular replays relevant with Miami Street Food Market.

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