All You Can Eat INDIAN BUFFET at Taste Buds of India in Coral Gables | Miami, Florida

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I recently took my dad to a local restaurant in my hometown of South Miami so we could try two incredible Indian thalis. We both enjoyed the experience so much that we decided to visit an Indian buffet in Coral Gables so we could gorge on more outstanding Indian foods! Come along with us as we sink into Indian food heaven at Taste Buds of India!

Taste Buds of India:

Taste Buds of India serves a wide variety of Indian cuisines, including dishes from all over the country! It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet and only costs $14.95 per person! What a deal! They were also going to bring us some dishes from the back, and we’d enjoy it all with some Indian beer.

I spoke with the owner, Arvind, who serves north Indian, south Indian, and Indo-Chinese dishes. There were samosas, chickpeas, spicy sauces, nuts, salad, basmati rice, dal makhani, tawa vegetables, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, chicken vindaloo, noodles, jalebi, and mango lassi!

I grabbed some chicken, noodles, eggplant, chickpea chaat, and samosas. My dad got a samosa, chickpeas, basmati rice, dal makhani, eggplant, chicken tandoori, chicken tikka masala, and more!

I started with the noodles, which were amazing and a little spicy. The chicken tikka masala was also delicious, as was the chaat. Then I went for the eggplant, which blew my mind! Once you start eating Indian food, you can’t stop! I loved that my dad was enjoying it. I’ve converted him and my mom to Indian food lovers!

Next, I showed my dad how to crumble the samosa on top of the chickpeas and eat it together like you do on the streets in India. All it needed was some tamarind chutney to add a little sweetness!

Nothing was spicy, so it was all tame and super tasty. Then we were brought some basil naan and garlic naan! The basil was amazing! I loved eating it with the other dishes on my plate.

Then, we headed into the kitchen to watch the cooks make some more dishes for us: malai kofta, chicken tikka masala, and palak paneer. They were also going to make some rotis and smoked chicken! There was also some fish that fell right off the skewer!

Back at the table, we had 8 more dishes and some Power 10,000 beer, which was pretty strong. We started with a yogurt kebab, which is a fritter that also contains paneer. I tried it with a mint chutney. It was very creamy and delicious!

Then we tried a rich goat curry with buttery roti, which was too good! The goat was super buttery! I loved the super rich curry! Next was the smoked chicken drumstick, which was excellent! I could taste the smokiness and it was so flavorful!

The lamb tandoori was next. It was so fresh and full of flavor. Indian lamb dishes are always top notch! I followed that with one of my favorite Indian dishes, malai kofta, which is a dumpling with paneer inside that’s served in a rich, creamy sauce. The sauce was so good I could drink it!

We moved on to the palak paneer, which is cottage cheese with spinach gravy. It’s straight spinach and paneer and is really creamy.

Next was the fish, which I had to be careful of because of the spines. The fish was smoky from the tandoor and kind of soft. It was so good!

I think I loved the goat curry, the lamb, and the smoked chicken the most! My dad loved the lamb and smoked chicken. But we still had one more dish to go: jalebi! It was sweet and syrupy and so good!

Everything was so delicious, it was hard to really choose favorites! The next time you’re in Coral Gables, Miami Beach, or South Miami, you have to eat at Taste Buds of India!

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All You Can Eat INDIAN BUFFET at Taste Buds of India in Coral Gables | Miami, Florida

Indian Street Food Midtown Miami, All You Can Eat INDIAN BUFFET at Taste Buds of India in Coral Gables | Miami, Florida.

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All You Can Eat INDIAN BUFFET at Taste Buds of India in Coral Gables | Miami, Florida, Search top videos about Indian Street Food Midtown Miami.

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