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Mahatma Gandhi’s city, an urban metropolis, a textile hub, a foodies paradise, and a city with a glorious past -Ahmedabad is one of the most significant cities in Gujarat. Take this virtual tour with us as you take you through the wonderful melange of old and new Ahmedabad.

These are some of the best places to visit in Ahmedabad!
Adalaj Stepwell – A true architectural wonder that is a treat to the eye! Get creative with your cameras as you experience peace and calm in its purest form!
Address: Adalaj Rd, Adalaj, Gujarat

Vintage Car Museum – From Horse Carriages To Limos, Vintage car Museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ahmedabad. The display includes a spectacular collection of antique vehicles, cars, motorcycles, utility vehicles, and buggies from all over the world.
Address: Dastan Estate Sardar Patel Ring Road Kathwada, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Manek Chowk – Surrounded by historical structures, folklore, and the delicious aromas of all kinds of street delicacies, very famous Manek Chowk, is one of the oldest khau gali in Ahmedabad.
Address: Manek Chowk Rd, Old City, Danapidth, Khadia, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Law Garden – A public garden in Ahmedabad where you can enjoy a quaint time. Just outside the garden is an enormous street market selling everything under the sun. exclusive wall hangings, bandhej sarees, antique ornaments and jewelry, chaniyas and a lot of other things.
Address: Law Garden, Maharashtra Society, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad

Sabarmati Ashram – Located on the banks of river Sabarmati, it is one of the best places to visit in Ahmedabad. It is also popular as Gandhi Ashram, Harijan Ashram, and Satyagraha Ashram.
Address: Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya, Ashram Rd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Ahmedabad’s Food Truck Park – With mouthwatering shawarmas, Jamun shots, and Thai rice to parathas loaded with all kinds of stuffings, varieties of pav bhaji and tawa pulao, this is one of the most famous khau gali in Ahmedabad.
Address: YMCA club, Sarkhej – Gandhinagar Hwy, Opp: Karnavati Club, Ramdev Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Rani no Hajiro – Rani no Hajiro, also known as Mughalai Bibi’s Tomb or Tombs of Ahmed Shah’s Queens, is a tomb complex near Manek Chowk, Ahmedabad, India. From breathtaking architecture to a vibrant street market, it has it all!
Address: Gandhi Rd, Manek Chowk Rd, Khadia, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Jhulta Minar – One of the most intriguing architectural structures in the world, Jhulta Minar has a mysterious vibe to it. If one of the minarets is shaken, the other minarets start shaking on their own within a few seconds, even when the connecting passage doesn’t transmit any vibrations to facilitate movements.
Address: Kalupur Road Sarangpur, Laxmi Bazar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Sabarmati Riverfront – A tranquil and placid promenade along the river Sabarmati, it is a must-visit spot in Ahmedabad, after a tour of the Sabarmati Ashram.
Address: Sabarmati Riverfront Walkway East, Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Vastrapur Lake – From the cheesiest, butteriest parathas you could ever have to fusion Maggies and pasta, egg curries, Frankies and so much more, Vastrapur Lakeside is a carnival of street flavors along both sides of the street. What sets Vastrapur Lake Khau Galli apart from others is the magnification view of the calm waters of the lake.
Address: Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Thol Bird Sanctuary – Bask in nature’s beauty at Thol Bird Sanctuary, one of the best places in Ahmedabad to observe flora and fauna. Apart from birds, mammals such as blue bull, striped hyena, wolves, golden jackal, and blackbuck also reside in this particular sanctuary.
Address: Thol Bird Sanctuary Rd, Thol Rd, Gujarat

Bandhej – A store that started in 1985, is now, is a must-visit shopping place in Ahmedabad, that gives life to the words – colorful, vibrant, and vivacious.

Gordhan Thal – One of the best thali eating experiences you could ever have in Gujrat! It offers unlimited traditional Gujarati Thali for a fairly reasonable price.
Address: Ground Floor, Sapath Complex, Opp. Rajpath Club, Sarkhej – Gandhinagar Hwy, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

InduBen Khakhrawala – Get your hands on the most crispy and crunchy chakras in Ahmedabad at InduBen Khakhrawala. The eatery sells more than fifty varieties of Khakras along with other delectable Gujarati snacks such as Sev, Dhokla, Chinese Snacks, sweets, and others.
Multiple Branches throughout the city

Bhatiyar Gali – Bhatiyar Gali is what one would call non-vegetarian food heaven! Located near Teen Darwaza, the whole lane is always a buzz with various stalls, and restaurants doling out sizzling non-vegetarian fare, all the day long and way into the night.
Address: Old City, Bhadra, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Best Place in Manchester for Street Food

Best Place in Manchester for Street Food, 15 Best Things to do in Ahmedabad | Shopping, Street Food, Heritage Places | Things2do.

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All over Tokyo, not only would you find a lot of the foods mentioned (and perhaps even find some that you haven’t tried before) but you would also be able to find mexican street food edinburgh lothian road around. If you are staying in a guest house or with a friend, it would be excellent to try making a journey to the market to personally see what could enter into your cooking area and try to whip up some authentic meals yourself. Tokyo is brimming with fresh seafood which you ought to not pass up on.

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Medical and Dental Tourism. In the previous couple of years, medical and dental getaways have gone from a small niche market to a remarkable growth story. From Mexico to India, Costa Rica to Thailand, medical facilities are benefiting from this international trend. And U.S. companies are remembering too.

Have you ever been asked in the US if you like American food? Most most likely not, due to the fact that no one truly cares what food you like. Have you ever been asked in England if you like English m&s bond street simply food london? Probably not due to the fact that no one is interested in your cooking taste.

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Indian Chinese: This is a street food specialty that will not be found in China.” Indian Chinese’ is a production of Indians and we can only state that it is scrumptious. You can find Chowmein, Chinese Fried Rice and Chilli Chicken in every street corner of the country which bearS no resemblance to actual Chinese meals!

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