1,200 Fried Chickens!! GIANT INDIAN FOOD Wedding for 3,000 People! | Kerala, India!

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First of all, a huge thank you to the couple and family for inviting us to their wedding and for allowing us the privilege to see the cooking process and attend the wedding. Congratulations! Additionally, thank you to Chef and his team for your amazing cooking. And finally, thank you to Roshan and Haris from Seashell Haris Beach Home (https://g.page/seashellbeachhome?share), who arranged this amazing experience. #Kerala #India #Wedding #IndianFood

Weddings in India are on a huge scale, and this was a wedding reception in Kannur, on the West Coast of India. We arrived and immediately headed back to the kitchen, where the amazing Chef and his team were busy preparing huge amounts of food for over 3000 guests.

There were a dozen pots of biryani going over fire, and inside the kitchen, there were huge pans of curry, and the most impressive dish – a pan full of 1,200 chickens, marinated in chili and ready to be deep fried.

Something that really impressed me is the head Chefs ability to organize and manage – making sure to get flavors right (even though there’s no written recipe), without forgetting any ingredients, and all while keeping a schedule so the food is ready when the guests arrive. Imagine doing that for 3,000 people. Truly skill, knowledge, organization, and experience.

The food was spectacular, with lollipop chicken, fried chicken in spices and chili, chicken curry, biryani, a variety of south Indian dosa, and a multitude of over 25 different dishes. What a meal and experience, eating, cooking, and watching the food being prepared at an Indian wedding receptions in Kerala, India!

Again, thank you and congratulations to the couple!

Thanks to Ebbin Jose who helped arrange our amazing trip in Kerala. Check out his videos on Food N Travel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-wTAWLHOWLYyZI9m_JV8zg

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Watch the entire Kerala, Indian food video series here: https://youtu.be/WYk5yyHvpvE

Friends in the video:
Ebbin: https://www.instagram.com/foodntraveltv/
Joel: https://www.instagram.com/kru_joel/



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Street Food Indian Manchester

Street Food Indian Manchester, 1,200 Fried Chickens!! GIANT INDIAN FOOD Wedding for 3,000 People! | Kerala, India!.

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1,200 Fried Chickens!! GIANT INDIAN FOOD Wedding for 3,000 People! | Kerala, India!, Play more high definition online streaming videos related to Street Food Indian Manchester.

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