#1 Tipoo, Nottingham 1/2 – Mortsy and Mr K's Food Review

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Food review of Tipoo Turkish Restaurant in Nottingham, UK. Our hungry reviewers are in the mood for Turkish cuisine and choose an old favourite – Tipoo Restaurant, Alfreton Rd, Nottingham. Their first challenge is to get to the restaurant! Car trouble causes a short delay, but they are soon back on the road.

On arrival the usual order – the Izgara platter with a portion of chips – is made. See what Mortsy and Mr K make of the grilled meaty delights on offer – washed down with a pot of Ayran Turkish soft drink.

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Mowgli Street Food Manchester Tripadvisor

Mowgli Street Food Manchester Tripadvisor, #1 Tipoo, Nottingham 1/2 – Mortsy and Mr K's Food Review.

Favorite Foods At An Italian Restaurant

Princi – Usually, when Italian food comes to mind, so do high prices. Ful Medames are generally served as a snack with boiled eggs, pastrami or tomato. Found near River Terne, and in the South part of Shropshire.

#1 Tipoo, Nottingham 1/2 – Mortsy and Mr K's Food Review, Explore top full length videos about Mowgli Street Food Manchester Tripadvisor.

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